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Morality and Politics

The concept of morality has been observed in human nature since the earliest recorded pieces of history dating back tens of thousands of years. The definition of morality that I found on the Oxford Living Dictionaries website is, “principles concerning … Continue reading

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Federalist No. 10’s Legacy: The Rise of Partisan Antipathy and How It Is Controlled

“Lock her up”, “not my president”, “Hitlary”, “make Russia great again” “today’s illegals, tomorrow’s democrats”, and “Benedict Donald”. These are just a few attacks that circulated throughout the country during and after the 2016 presidential election. A 2014 Pew Research … Continue reading

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Transgender Rights & the 14th Amendment

If you haven’t heard about Virginia teen Gavin Grimm, it’s likely that you will soon. His struggle for rights will be before the Supreme Court in the next few years. Actually, Grimm’s case was supposed to go before the Court … Continue reading

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To Fear Crime Over Injustice

I will be honest, until I read Paul Butler’s “In Defense of Jury Nullification”, I had never heard of jury nullification. I think what surprises me the most though, is the fact that I had never seen this topic come … Continue reading

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Trump at the Supreme Court

How the courts will view President Trump’s executive order on foreign travel has been the hot topic of discussion the past few weeks. Well, we know how the 9th Circuit feels. That court shredded the order in an opinion that was about … Continue reading

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To Sign, or Not to Sign

In Constitutional Faith, Dr. Sanford Levinson poses a question to the reader that asks whether or not the reader would sign the current Constitution of the United States and the United States Constitution of 1787. This question forced me to … Continue reading

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Call to Action: Vote in Local Elections!

“American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion” explores the significance of voting in the United States. Judith Shklar offers many examples of why classes of Americans do not vote, while her argument is strong, she fails to answer the question of … Continue reading

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Flaws Within Individualism

Sumner was a social Darwinist; Kanye West reinvents hip hop with just about everything he does; Ayn Rand is wrong. Continue reading

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American Sports vs. American Politics

  LeBron James. Michael Phelps. Carson Palmer. Aside from super stardom, all of these athletes have one thing in common. Despite their extreme talent, at one point in their careers, they have been a part of a sub-par team, even … Continue reading

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Free will in the Garden of Eden

All afternoon I pondered the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson, questioning what he meant by the words in his essays. His writings provoked questions in my mind about the individual mind and universal truths. The most burning questions being, how … Continue reading

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