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Individualism & Civic Republicanism: A Tribal Perspective

Written by Samuel Clark As a Yup’ik (Inuit) man, I was raised in what many would consider a unique upbringing that has influenced the way I view the relationship between individualism and civic republicanism. Tribal cultures, particularly Native American cultures have a … Continue reading

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Bystander Silence vs. Bystander Intervention

To stand up for what you believe in has never been a simple task. Even children are taught to “do what’s right,” yet more often than not the answer to problems in our community is simply silence. In watching a … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts

Although taxes have consistently strengthened the economy while contributing to infrastructure, the misappropriation of taxes is truly a problem in the United States of America. We have a culture in which the wealthy pay more to subsidize for the less … Continue reading

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Surfin’ Like its 2006, Bro

When it comes to the results of election day,” there are two potential outcomes that equally excite the politically inclined: firstly, and most obviously, there are the “toss-ups,” races which are so close that they could potentially swing to either … Continue reading

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The Case for a Common American Mythos

There is a tendency these days to examine our national past through a far more critical lense than ever before. Old narratives surrounding our founding and our principles are dug up and dissected. Hypocrisies are exposed within these are exposed. … Continue reading

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Is it a gun problem or a mental health problem?

Since I was a young kid I was always fascinated with firearms. I vividly remember shooting cans and lizards in the back yard with my BB gun. I would always read books about how people used to hunt for their … Continue reading

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Why Nothing Resists the Majority?

Tocqueville said that nothing resists the majority and especially in the US “a number of specific circumstances tend […] to make the power of the majority […] not just predominant but irresistible.” We may agree that this is true. But … Continue reading

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Rites and Rituals – Why Black Boxes Matter

An uncomfortable parallel between the fictional town in the short work The Lottery and The United States of America was the importance of rituals in each sphere. The United States proudly has many traditions ranging from religious rites to high … Continue reading

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In the Wake of the Tragedy in Texas, Is it Time for America to End its’ Stagnance on Gun Control Legislation?

As most have heard by now, a mass shooting occurred in a Texas church early on Sunday morning. After the disaster in Las Vegas last month, many called for both sides to not politicize the issue. At this rate, however, … Continue reading

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What to you is this celebration?

Sure, we celebrate many holidays here in the United States, but do all citizens feel included within those holidays and are we doing the history of each day—of all the events that built up to one day–justice? Even at first … Continue reading

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