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The Pride and Shame of the Hyphen

Written by Olivia Schwartz Growing up in the majority white city of Scottsdale, Arizona as a young girl that did not look like my fellow classmates, it made me to recognize the hyphen that I would later be forced to … Continue reading

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Tyranny of the Majority and the Importance of the Electoral College

Written by NG Davis In a democracy, the majority rules. And while that may seem fair for the majority, it also means that the minority is left out in the dust. According to “Preventing ‘The Tyranny of the Majority,’” Edwin … Continue reading

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Does Your Type of American Even Matter?

Written by Jolene Avila  The United States of America is a nation of immigrants from all over the world. While this nation started from European settlers, these are equivalent to today’s immigrants that vary from Muslim to Mexican to African. … Continue reading

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The Divided Political Culture of Today and Tocqueville

Written by Gregory Blackie  Alexis de Tocqueville was a master observer, able to put into words the many aspects of American life, culture, and government he experienced while on this side of the Atlantic. Only a state of fascination and … Continue reading

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Modern Slavery: For Better and For Worse

Written by Alexandra Deemer Here in the United States, we are lucky enough to have abolished slavery in the 1800s. While this certainly did not fix all issues for black people in America, it was a step in the right … Continue reading

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The Illogic of Reparation

Written by Neil Johnston Rouse III In determining the propriety of making ‘slave reparations’ one must first define the question of ‘reparations to whom,’ who were the slaves, where did they come from, how did they become enslaved? Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Who Deserves Reparations? The Case for Japanese-Americans Attachment

Written by Tanner Semple Reparations are the proposed plans that, through financial compensation, would rectify past systematic injustices towards racial minorities. The most common argument comes in favor of African-Americans with relatives subjected to the Atlantic Slave Trade – the … Continue reading

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Team USA and the melting pot

Written by Turner Hubby Citizenship is a provocative topic in American politics. I thoroughly enjoy Walzer’s argument about American citizenship. When I went through my notes I loved how Dr. Kirkpatrick broke down the argument into three main points. In … Continue reading

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Why The World Hates Nickelback

Written by Delaney Tobin   They were one of the most popular bands of the mid-2000’s. With easy-to-memorize bops, and an edgy, bad-boy vibe paired with band members who looked as wholesome as bible camp counselors, they seemed enjoyable for … Continue reading

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One Paycheck Away

Written by Kaylin Kaufman Americans are concerned with a variety of issues today, both politically and socially. Whether the focus is on the President, government shutdowns, or the recent stock market crash, Americans enjoy debating on current issues and which … Continue reading

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