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One’s individual Freedom

The bigger the government the stronger it will become, the more restrictive it will become and the less free the people will be.  Emerson strongly endorses individual freedom for a reason, due to monarchical and governmental institutions unwillingness to be … Continue reading

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Military Ban

President Trump has said about how he believes that transgender individuals should not be allowed to serve in our military and there were a set of tweets that finally stated that he would no longer be allowing them to serve. … Continue reading

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Improving the Public Defender

The job of a public defender is an extremely difficult one. They are underpaid and overworked. They often get asked how they can defend people who are accused of committing crimes. Some put all their time and efforts into getting … Continue reading

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When “Voting and Earning” Are Not Enough.

According to Judith Shklar in her work, “American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion”, there are two main components of being a full, capable citizen in America, those being voting and earning. Each person must have the right and be legitimately … Continue reading

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On Everydays We Wear Pink

In class we discussed pretty briefly about Mob Rule and how it pertains to Abraham Lincoln’s reading. That really got me thinking as to do we have mob rule today and how effective is their course of action and does … Continue reading

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Free will in the Garden of Eden

All afternoon I pondered the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson, questioning what he meant by the words in his essays. His writings provoked questions in my mind about the individual mind and universal truths. The most burning questions being, how … Continue reading

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In Defense of Inefficiency

     The United States government is incredibly inefficient with a massive and corrupt bureaucracy. The gridlock in congress prevents Congress from passing most legislation without either party having the majority. While this is a tragedy in need of drastic change … Continue reading

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Women In Politics

Two weeks ago one of our assigned readings was “What the Social Classes Owe Each Other” written by William Sumner. In the text Sumner talks about the role of the government he states, “at bottom there are two chief things which … Continue reading

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American Empire and the “Quest for Inclusion” in the Case of American Samoa

In Judith Shklar’s American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion, she outlines how important voting, standing, and earning are to full inclusion as a citizen of the United States. Perhaps due to space concerns, Shklar could not devote much attention to … Continue reading

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Reproductive Privacy, Women’s Rights, and the Supreme Court

This week we read three cases on the Supreme Court’s rulings on the right to privacy, and whether or not this right is guaranteed in the Constitution (specifically by the ninth and fourteenth amendments). All of these cases deal specifically with … Continue reading

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