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On Everydays We Wear Pink

In class we discussed pretty briefly about Mob Rule and how it pertains to Abraham Lincoln’s reading. That really got me thinking as to do we have mob rule today and how effective is their course of action and does … Continue reading

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Taking a Stand Against Rape

I find this upcoming week’s reading fascinating and much different from what we have read in the past. Before, we have discussed constitutional interpretation in the terms of the opinions of Supreme Court Justices or lawyers, both from Scalia, Brennan, … Continue reading

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Then, “What is consent?”

Last week in our class we read very intense articles about the court and law with regards to sexual assault and domestic violence. The Court case that really made my head spin, and think about the law very seriously was … Continue reading

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Too Rich for Prison?

Is there such a thing as too rich for prison? Well, this case takes back in 2009 but in light of a suit filed by the ex-wife, it has become a controversial verdict in the last couple of days even … Continue reading

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Society and Law Proceedings are Against Rape Victims

Rape has been a problem far longer than the founding of the United States of America, yet it seems there has been no progress in defending the victims. People feel bad for the victims and understand it is a traumatizing … Continue reading

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