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Military Ban

President Trump has said about how he believes that transgender individuals should not be allowed to serve in our military and there were a set of tweets that finally stated that he would no longer be allowing them to serve. … Continue reading

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Texans have a sense of community

At the end of August nobody could miss the terrible weather event that took place in Texas. This storm did a lot of damage in the region of Houston. Many pictures and videos of this disaster have been broadcast on … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead and the Heads of the Brooklyn Bridge

Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead introduces us to the life of Howard Roark, a young architect and stark individualist fighting against a traditionalist society. One of the critical points of the novel is Roark’s defense of individualism, and the defense of … Continue reading

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Have We Lost Our Values?

In Daniel Kemmis’ Barn Raising, he tells the story of two neighbors, Albert and Lilly. Albert is a bawdy man with a loud presence. He humors the children with dirty stories, ones Lilly does not take kindly to. Under any … Continue reading

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Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism began in the late eighteenth century and began to flourish during the nineteenth century. Classical liberalism is a political ideology that argues for a minimal relationship between the civil society, and the state or government. The goal of … Continue reading

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Civic Republicans and Liberals in Daily Life

The political distinctions of civic republican and liberal not only impact how people view government and politics, but also how they act in everyday life. I apologize for the lengthy back-story on how I came to this conclusion, but if … Continue reading

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We Are the 99% – Shklar vs. Kemmis

        In recent months, this country has seen a wave of protests under the umbrella of the “Occupy/We are the 99%” movement. The movement is centered on the idea that if one does not have a lot … Continue reading

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Troy Davis, Race, & the Justice System

The recent execution of Troy Davis has caused much media buzz. If you’re unfamiliar with the case, read here. According to Reuters, using data from the Pew Center, Georgia has the highest rate of incarceration—1 in every 13 citizens is … Continue reading

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Heroes according to Bruce Willis

-by Brandon Tomlinson This dialogue is from the movie, “Live Free or Die Hard” (2007). In it, John McClane (Willis), the actioner’s big savior, says this about being a hero: John McClane: You know what you get for being a … Continue reading

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Survival of Individuals within a Desperate Community

I agree somewhat with one concept presented in several places on this blog with regard to Kemmis and Rand’s two theories: the community fosters individuals, and individuals build the community. However, in order to survive, the individual must often separate … Continue reading

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