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One’s individual Freedom

The bigger the government the stronger it will become, the more restrictive it will become and the less free the people will be.  Emerson strongly endorses individual freedom for a reason, due to monarchical and governmental institutions unwillingness to be … Continue reading

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Reproductive Privacy, Women’s Rights, and the Supreme Court

This week we read three cases on the Supreme Court’s rulings on the right to privacy, and whether or not this right is guaranteed in the Constitution (specifically by the ninth and fourteenth amendments). All of these cases deal specifically with … Continue reading

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My Story, & The Unfortunate Legality Of Modern Stalking

By Ashley Kavanaugh We live in a world today of technology, where we often find ourselves in close quarters with the same people whether it be at school or work. It’s a world where stalking laws are falling behind, stating … Continue reading

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Let’s Fight For Our Privacy

After reading the cases Griswold v. Connecticut, Roe v. Wade and Bowers v. Hardwick, it got me thinking about privacy and how much the government controls our lives in all actuality. They not only create policy for our safety and … Continue reading

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The Triumph of Justice

The Supreme Court of the United States has an obligation to promote progress. This statement may come as shocking to those who believe the courts should play a limited role in the political sphere. However what proponents of such a … Continue reading

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Team Brennan: Textualism v. Contemporary Ratification

During a class discussion on the interpretation of the Constitution, a student humorously stated that as long as the Supreme Court’s decisions were in alignment with their own views, then the process of how the Court came to that decision … Continue reading

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