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Barn Raising in a Barnless World

Written by Chase Bethay Daniel Kemmis, an attorney and Harvard graduate, starting his life in the humble land of eastern Montana. Here, in this rural landscape, Kemmis experienced and learned many lessons that would develop and influence his political beliefs. Kemmis … Continue reading

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Communitarianism in an Individualistic Nation

Written by Ethan Anderson The United States is known as a place of promise, a place where people can come from nothing and achieve greatness. The “American Dream” is something that people have been chasing for centuries. It exemplifies the … Continue reading

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Lessons from The Cajun Navy on Community

Written by Justin Bradley In response to Hurricanes Katrina in 2005 and Harvey in 2017 the “Cajun Navy” sailed to help others in need. During the days and few weeks that followed the devastation, these “sailors” demonstrated to the world … Continue reading

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