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Your Individualism is Sexist-Not Heroic

Written by LG Classic individualist thinkers, i.e. Ayn Rand and Ralph Waldo Emerson, were pioneers in constructing political thought that is still existent in contemporary social and political life. The vehemently held beliefs amongst individualist, both of the past and … Continue reading

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One’s individual Freedom

The bigger the government the stronger it will become, the more restrictive it will become and the less free the people will be.  Emerson strongly endorses individual freedom for a reason, due to monarchical and governmental institutions unwillingness to be … Continue reading

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Flaws Within Individualism

Sumner was a social Darwinist; Kanye West reinvents hip hop with just about everything he does; Ayn Rand is wrong. Continue reading

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American Sports vs. American Politics

  LeBron James. Michael Phelps. Carson Palmer. Aside from super stardom, all of these athletes have one thing in common. Despite their extreme talent, at one point in their careers, they have been a part of a sub-par team, even … Continue reading

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Is the Christian Message Lost?

In Emerson’s The Divinity School Address there are many claims that Christianity is lost. Just hearing that a religion has lost touch with its true meaning may sound ridiculous, but if you give it some though it may not sound … Continue reading

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Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism began in the late eighteenth century and began to flourish during the nineteenth century. Classical liberalism is a political ideology that argues for a minimal relationship between the civil society, and the state or government. The goal of … Continue reading

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“The Thoreau of the West”: Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau

Dubbed by Larry McMurtry as the “Thoreau of the West”, Edward Abbey was an author and philosopher whose work in defense of the environment was shaped in part by Henry Thoreau’s writing. Where Thoreau faced the scourge of slavery and … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Religion – What Emerson Had in Mind

Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel once quipped, “God and Country are an unbeatable team – they break all record for oppression and bloodshed.” You might find this statement objectionable, or you might think there can be no better description for the … Continue reading

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Civic Republicans and Liberals in Daily Life

The political distinctions of civic republican and liberal not only impact how people view government and politics, but also how they act in everyday life. I apologize for the lengthy back-story on how I came to this conclusion, but if … Continue reading

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How Fast Would Emerson Be Fired?

By now we all have a pretty firm grip on Emerson’s individualism. He’s all about himself. I’m not saying this in a bad way, but Emerson is highly independent and self-sufficient.  All Emerson, all the time.  This mentality has its … Continue reading

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