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Political Philosophies of the NBA

Written by A.M. Basketball is one of the few team sports where one individual effort can trump that of the entire opposing team’s efforts.  Unlike football where the team or the coach might represent the franchise, basketball is different. The … Continue reading

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William Graham Sumner’s Modern Day Hit-and-Miss

William Graham Sumner was an early proponent of the ideas that later formed the backbone of Libertarian thought. His support and emphasis on social and economic Darwinism was a product of the times, but still rings true to millions of … Continue reading

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Flaws Within Individualism

Sumner was a social Darwinist; Kanye West reinvents hip hop with just about everything he does; Ayn Rand is wrong. Continue reading

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Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism began in the late eighteenth century and began to flourish during the nineteenth century. Classical liberalism is a political ideology that argues for a minimal relationship between the civil society, and the state or government. The goal of … Continue reading

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Arguments for Big Government

In The Democratic Wish, James Morone argues government should not only be big, but strong as well. Yet, according to Morone, the government has been restrained from being strong by the American people. As he puts it, “The urge to protect … Continue reading

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Anti-Federalism on the Range

For 20 years, Cliven Bundy was in violation of federal law and regulations for grazing his cattle on federal land. The Bureau of Land Management fined him one million dollars for unpaid fees for his refusal to abide by the … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs- the modern example of a classic liberal

This past week we have been discussing classical liberalism and civic republicanism. Jennet asked us to think of someone that embodies either. Over the break, I watched a couple documentaries, and even read a biography on Steve Jobs. He’s a … Continue reading

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