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The Pitfalls of a Strong Federal Government

A question that I asked myself today was: What would I consider myself- an Arizonan, or an American? Surely, a lot of people would think “Why not both?”, and thats a reasonable question. What I mean is, where do my … Continue reading

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Military Ban

President Trump has said about how he believes that transgender individuals should not be allowed to serve in our military and there were a set of tweets that finally stated that he would no longer be allowing them to serve. … Continue reading

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How De-Federalizing Government Could End Partisan Gridlock and Save America from the Next Civil War

Americans live in a nation divided along party lines. Political polarization hasn’t been this extreme since the United States broke apart 150 years ago for the Civil War. This chart, drawing from a dataset of Congressional votes, tracks partisan polarization … Continue reading

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Would the Founding Fathers Build Trump’s Wall?

Donald Trump, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, has revolutionized the way we view politicians today. He says what is on his mind without having anyone make his message a bit sweeter or politically correct to the viewers. However, his message … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s “Perpetuation” Speech: In the News

Check out “The Man the Founders Feared” for a shout out to Lincoln’s “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions.”

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Arguments for Big Government

In The Democratic Wish, James Morone argues government should not only be big, but strong as well. Yet, according to Morone, the government has been restrained from being strong by the American people. As he puts it, “The urge to protect … Continue reading

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Anti-Federalism on the Range

For 20 years, Cliven Bundy was in violation of federal law and regulations for grazing his cattle on federal land. The Bureau of Land Management fined him one million dollars for unpaid fees for his refusal to abide by the … Continue reading

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The Least of These: A Tale of Judicial Power

One lonely night while pondering upon our great American democracy, I decided, at the behest of my GPA, to read a portion of the Federalist and Antifederalist Papers.  Rather than defaulting the authors for their rather dry, dispassionate arguments – carried … Continue reading

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Federalist, Anti-Federalists and the fear of government

Government.   Perhaps no other word in the English language carries with it such feelings of controversy, fear, fury, passion, dread and hope.  Though there are amble more words to describe this strange system in which humans organize themselves these … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Running Away with Power

  The Federalist Papers tell us that the Supreme Court is to be the least powerful branch of the U.S. Government. Recently, The Count has announced that they will review controversial Affordable Health Care for America Act. By deciding this … Continue reading

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