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With true power, comes great responsibility

Jury Nullification is a concept that has been around since the 1600’s. It is the ability of a jury to nullify the law in connection with the case they are hearing. It is not a power that is discussed frequently … Continue reading

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Never Imitate

My father has always taught me to be my own man. He has used men like Emerson and Thoreau as examples of what I should strive to be like. In this class I have learned a lot about what it … Continue reading

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12 Years a Slave through Tocqueville

Recently, I have had the opportunity to watch twelve years a slave. This movie was one of the most intense, and realistic depictions of slavery that I have ever seen. It was so real that I could literally put myself … Continue reading

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Modern Day Slavery

Recently in class we have been discussing Judith Shklar and who we believe she would include as a “citizen” of our country. This got me thinking about whether or not she would consider a group of young men and women, … Continue reading

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