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“Good” Victims and Hot Coffee

At this point we have all heard of both James Kirkland Batson and Clarence Earl Gideon and their respective cases. One person’s name you may have not heard of is Stella Liebeck. Her case may not have been criminal in nature, and her case … Continue reading

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To Fear Crime Over Injustice

I will be honest, until I read Paul Butler’s “In Defense of Jury Nullification”, I had never heard of jury nullification. I think what surprises me the most though, is the fact that I had never seen this topic come … Continue reading

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To Sign, or Not to Sign

In Constitutional Faith, Dr. Sanford Levinson poses a question to the reader that asks whether or not the reader would sign the current Constitution of the United States and the United States Constitution of 1787. This question forced me to … Continue reading

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Shklar and Why Americans Don’t Vote

I was not able to say this in class so I am posting this here weeks later. In class when we discussed Judith Shklar’s book American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion, it got me thinking: do we as Americans not … Continue reading

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Gun Rights, Race, and Military Veterans

Disclaimer: I am a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a progressive democrat. I think we should try to prevent the deaths of the 30,000 people who fall to gun violence by legislating firearms restrictions. (CDC, 2016) However, this is not … Continue reading

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