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Rites and Rituals – Why Black Boxes Matter

An uncomfortable parallel between the fictional town in the short work The Lottery and The United States of America was the importance of rituals in each sphere. The United States proudly has many traditions ranging from religious rites to high … Continue reading

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Federalist 2 and the Immigration Debate

  Earlier this week in class, Dr. Kirkpatrick had the class research modern political arguments that used federalist or anti-federalist arguments as support for a modern debate. During this search, I found a Slate article that talked about how anti-immigration … Continue reading

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Embracing a Civic Republicanism that Doesn’t Embrace Us All

Today our nation faces deep problems and divides. Common ground feels rare on good days, and impossible to achieve on most. Some Americans argue that these trench-line disagreements are a result of the moral degradation of citizenship; a country without … Continue reading

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