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Did the Fear of Factions Cause a Grid- Lock?

Factions were a fear to the Founding Fathers, including Madison, because they knew what life was like to be governed by another. They wanted to ensure that as they created a new constitution, the new law of the land, that … Continue reading

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Felons Should Not Be Valued!

The documentary by Brian Schodorf, “Poverty Swells the Streets of Chicago,” illuminates a few truths about homelessness, while grossly misleading the audience in other ways. The issue of handicapped homeless people is a real issue and needs to be addressed … Continue reading

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Shklar’s Argument: A Reason for No One to Complain

Judith Shklar argues that individuals who have been left out of the “club” of citizenship in the past are only concerned because of social standing implied, that no one wants to be beneath another individual. She denounces an ideal citizen … Continue reading

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Rand, Kemmis, and the Government

I listen to opinionated people speak politics on a daily basis and always seem to see both sides when listening to the individual, but then taking a step back, I realize how different the various opinions are. For example, raising … Continue reading

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