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The Paradox of Religion – What Emerson Had in Mind

Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel once quipped, “God and Country are an unbeatable team – they break all record for oppression and bloodshed.” You might find this statement objectionable, or you might think there can be no better description for the … Continue reading

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What is an American?

For the past few weeks, we focused on how to understand citizenship. While Shklar makes a compelling claim that it is essentially about standing – one’s social place, Douglass seems to be challenging that notion by arguing that it is … Continue reading

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Japan’s Hidden Apartheid – Koreans in Japan

When we hear the term apartheid, we think of South Africa and its system of racial segregation enforced by the national government. Apartheid is generally associated with discrimination and tension between white and colored people, so most people regard it … Continue reading

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Paine, Exclusion and Mass Political Movement

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By now, we all know what Thomas Paine had in mind when he wrote Common Sense: he was calling for America to free itself from the British rule and to set up its own independent, republican government. In the time … Continue reading

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