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Are Violent Reactions to Civil Disobedience Justified?

We’ve learned from Henry David Thoreau that civil disobedience may be justified when one morally objects to particular government actions.  Thoreau in his time was opposed to lots of things, including slavery, the Mexican-American war, and political corruption, and for … Continue reading

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“No Human Being is Illegal”

Today, there was a rally in the Diag by a student organization called Migrant and Immigrant Rights Advocacy (MIRA), as I am sure many of you saw. MIRA is an immigrant justice group, which today was protesting the pending deportation … Continue reading

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I’m Not Drinking the Kool Aid

Prior to discussing de Tocqueville this week, Jennet began with the disclaimer that a lot of us may not like de Tocqueville or agree with what he has to say. I don’t know about you, but I think I fall … Continue reading

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