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How De-Federalizing Government Could End Partisan Gridlock and Save America from the Next Civil War

Americans live in a nation divided along party lines. Political polarization hasn’t been this extreme since the United States broke apart 150 years ago for the Civil War. This chart, drawing from a dataset of Congressional votes, tracks partisan polarization … Continue reading

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Dear U.S. Attorneys, “You’re Fired!” Sincerely, President Trump

On Friday, the Trump administration told 46 United States attorneys to resign their posts and fired one of the 46 who refused to resign. The 46 were Obama appointees who were held over for the first month of the Trump … Continue reading

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Trump and the Judges

Late last week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck a major blow to President Trump’s immigration agenda when they upheld a suspension of his controversial travel ban. Since the ruling, President Trump made his views widely known, calling the … Continue reading

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