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Separation Of Church And State?

The Holy Bible is making its way towards becoming Louisiana’s first official State Book. Wait, what? Currently, the King James Version of The Holy Bible is making its way through all the hoops and red tape required for it to … Continue reading

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My Story, & The Unfortunate Legality Of Modern Stalking

By Ashley Kavanaugh We live in a world today of technology, where we often find ourselves in close quarters with the same people whether it be at school or work. It’s a world where stalking laws are falling behind, stating … Continue reading

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Two Months Too Late

It was November of last year that the case first made the headlines. A Texas woman, Marlise Munoz, was found by her husband in their family home collapsed on the kitchen floor and not responding. A paramedic, he was able to get her heart started again, and … Continue reading

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