Is it a gun problem or a mental health problem?

Since I was a young kid I was always fascinated with firearms. I vividly remember shooting cans and lizards in the back yard with my BB gun. I would always read books about how people used to hunt for their food and the types of weapons they used. If you think about it, during the stone age people still found means for acquiring food, and killing each other. In today’s time, I find myself being a legal firearm owner and avid shooter. I enjoy building up my firearms for the looks, but most importantly the ease of operation. I’ve never had an accident with a firearm, I’ve never wrongfully used a firearm, and I’ve never broken any firearm laws. With that being said, I absolutely hate the fact that most people blame the firearms instead of the actions of human beings. A firearm isn’t going to discharge by itself, move itself, or even load itself. The problem with gun control in today’s day in age is the fact that people making laws to control weapons don’t know anything about them. People still believe that the AR-15 stand for Assault Rifle. In reality it stands for Armalite Rifle. A study shows that people want “military type weapons” banned simply because they are scary. If we take a look what has happened these past few weeks we can see how people want guns banned because of the Las Vegas shooting, and the Texas shooting. However, no one once mentioned the fact that these people had serious mental health issues. The mental health system here in the U.S. is broken and needs to be addressed 1000x more than gun reform. Keep in mind that firearms are just tools, just like a knife, car, fork, etc. It’s not logical to blame the fork for making you fat. It’s also not logical to blame the car for getting into a car accident. In the end, a person who truly has evil in their heart will find a way to commit a crime such as the one we saw in New York City with the rented truck. It’s time for logical firearm control instead of creating laws based on personal opinion and fear.

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  1. rustlingwinds says:

    I appreciate you bringing up such an important and unfortunately relevant topic due to the recent events you referenced. While I agree with you that the best laws will be made when they are accompanied with a knowledge of firearms, we can only effectively curb gun violence by being aware of research surrounding the mentally ill. Unfortunately, your post seems to perpetuate a pop culture stereotype around the mentally ill that simply isn’t backed by scientific research and evaluation. Many studies have been done, in this comment I am mainly referencing the findings of Stuart (2003), which conclude that the mentally ill are actually much more a danger to themselves and more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators of crimes. In fact, the study finds a high degree of correlation between violence and substance abuse. Thus, it seems an improvement in substance abuse prevention and response would be more effective than targeting the highly non-threatening and sadly vulnerable mentally ill population when it comes to addressing America’s pandemic of gun violence. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you that our mental/behavioral health system in the US needs to be improved upon as well. I am merely arguing that we need to focus on substance abuse prevention and recovery when it comes to responding to gun violence.

    I encourage to review the study I am referencing here:

  2. jisthelamb says:

    Wow, I truly agree with you. Behavioral Health needs to be assessed in these tragic situations. Even if the Ban on Arms is established, there are still black market sales and ways to get the ammo and gun. For example look at hunters, Military and Law enforcement, many of the armed men and weapon are regular owners and responsible for their armament, they know when and where to use it. There are not men and women running around shooting just because its in their possession.
    Stricter Gun Control Legislation is an Attack on the 2nd Amendment
    Gun Rights Position: 
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As detailed in the 2nd Amendment, our founding fathers saw the right to bear arms as a fundamental liberty of every law-abiding citizen. The Supreme Court has also affirmed a reading of the 2nd Amendment by which individual citizens have the fundamental right to own and bear arms for the purposes of self-defense against violence or tyranny.

    If I had one con, its that a background check is beginning to seem necessary and not all US states require them when purchasing firearms.

  3. bealpeyton says:

    The healthcare system is broken in the United States, so let’s get to universal, government healthcare as soon as possible! Aside from that, let’s also look at the facts: the United States composes 5 percent of the world population, but 31 percent of global mass shooters; when comparing us to other “advanced nations,” our gun death rate ranges from at least double, compared to Finland, to over fifty times, compared to South Korea and Japan; and, by state, the rate of gun deaths increases by approximately one percent, on average, as gun ownership also increases by about one percent. Do other countries not have people with “evil in their hearts?” Do they not have mental health problems? There is one thing they do not have, for the most part, and that is a national fetish towards gun ownership and a callous disregard for the constant loss of human life caused by such a dangerous obsession. When it comes to “logical solutions concerning gun control,” we are embarrassingly behind the rest of the industrialized world.

    Guns are tools, in the same way that a crossbow is a tool; however what are these weapons tools for exactly, might I ask? What is their purpose aside killing? Cars cause more deaths, obviously, but cars actually have a purpose outside of causing the deaths of others. I would say the same with forks and spoons. But, hey, if over 40,000 people begin to die a year due to forks and spoons, and we as a nation begin to average a mass fork and spoon killing just about every day, then sure, I think we should discuss fork and spoon control. Until then, though, it is impossible to deny that the reason there are so many gun related deaths in the United States is due to, shockingly, the guns.

    Also, the idea that you have to be able to assemble a gun blindfolded in order to have an opinion on the insanity of the amount of deaths they cause is, well, ridiculous. Do I have to be able to cook crystal meth to Walter White purity levels in order to want a ban on certain drugs? I have a feeling many of those who want to deregulate the EPA and refuse to believe facts regarding global warming do not have the strongest scientific background, but they still seem to want to have their opinions heard and their votes count. I don’t own a gun, and maybe I never will, even though I do go shooting often and have been since I was twelve. I do know, though, that if I do end up owning a gun, then the chance of me or somebody living with me getting shot is actually increased substantially, possibly by 5-50 times. It might be close, but I think the statistic is not quite that high whenever I buy a new set of silverware.

  4. landonsabori says:

    Firearms has always been a very popular topic within our society and how it should be controlled and contained. I know there are always two sides to this topic just like any other argument. Guns have a different view. A lot of people think that guns are should be banned. There as a study that showed that their were a fair amount of accidental shooting incidents than premeditated. I do agree that the person that wields the firearm that may or may not have a health issue and is using them wrongly is making a bad name for people who use them for their rights as a amendment. I do not think in our time that there will ever be an understanding of gun control and no one will see eye to eye.I agree thought that there should also be more in depth process in purchasing a gun. I also do not blame society for being afraid of firearms after all of the damage it has done, but this is an on going issue that will need time to fix.

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