One’s individual Freedom

The bigger the government the stronger it will become, the more restrictive it will become and the less free the people will be.  Emerson strongly endorses individual freedom for a reason, due to monarchical and governmental institutions unwillingness to be contained with its own borders.  Emerson even states that “The world has been instructed by its kings, who have so magnetized the eyes of the nations” I believe he was referring to the power accumulated from the kings of the old world.  The monarchs were always grabbing power they thought they were owed via Divine right of kings, the same concept applies to the modern governments of today.  A society that allows government to give them all that they want is also strong enough to take all that they have as the old saying goes.

It is unreasonable and illogical to think that  government not bound a document of restraint will not eventually try to seize power through any means.  At least with a document that restrains them so they can only grab power that the people give until there is no room left in the lives of the people who gave it to them from the start.  We as citizens of the United States need to realize that this government regardless of which party is in charge is willing to seize power as Emerson make known in various ways.  The title of his book is self-reliance of all phrases, I may not agree with him on certain pertaining to religions of history.  Doesn’t mean he isn’t making a case for freedom,   I see very much a classical liberal mindset in this book.

Do I believe there is some sort of mindset in the American political arena that gears itself towards individual freedom, sure, the libertarians are a good example, however, they lack organizational strength.  Liberals do care about the society freedom, however, they ideas are very vague as to what kind of government they want, and lastly conservatives may want small government and lower taxes, however, they are not good a unity and monetary strength.  Emerson wanted individual freedom that was achievable via unity and relying on our own strength to see the other side of the for freedom more clearly.  His book speaks to what today’s Americans lack lot and is courage to speak your mind and the strength accept that other people may disagree with you strongly or somewhat.

I do not believe that today’s American politics with its polarization and double standard along with the tragedies happening across the country have reached a point of actually unity.  Like when 9/11 brought us to our knees in humility and fear or when the empire of Japan attack our navy at pearl harbor the nation came together to protect our future.   Do I actual want those type events to happen NO, NO, not at all, however, I didn’t see liberal vs conservative when those events took place I learned we were a nation unity against evil  and we would face the future together whatever the cost.



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