The Modern Political Oppression of Free Speech

The extreme rise in egocentric socials trends and living in a culture of instant gratification has lead to the rise of individual values being forced upon by the collective  whole. This has created a culture that uses bullying tactics to forces eccentric ideal or nontraditional values on people who don’t want to have to deal with them.

With many on the left pushing for legislation such as the need for binary gender licenses and bathroom laws in which government is getting to involved in the daily lives of the American people and needs to take a step back. Our founding fathers created a country based on free speech and limited government; something that we continue deviate away from. Liberal legislation and the legislative branch has now not only allowed these people to impose beliefs on others not only accepting values they don’t believe but forcing them to change them in order to service their agendas.

A significant example of this is related to gay marriage, forcing catholic churches to conduct wedding ceremonies not only breeches freedom of religion, but is a perfect example of how there is no longer a good separation of church and state. This excessive breech of privacy and forcing certain values onto people who don’t want them is completely unconstitutional. If you are homosexual and want to get married go somewhere who accepts you and plenty of places will, but don’t force people who don’t believe the same things as you to accept you. We live in a country where there is a place for everybody but just because your values are not in the majority don’t force it on the masses.

This has created a culture where conservatives or people with opposing ideals cannot speak out without being called bigots, racists and ignorant. I personally have no problems with how other people live their lives, but I let THEM live THEIR lives and don’t force people to accept how I live mine. Its pretty much common sense but this issue has gotten so deeply polluted into our government that now it is an American politics issue, and people are scared to speak out or say there mind on controversial issues. We have over 360 million people in this country we won’t agree on everything, but we should allow people to live their lives without infringing on the rights of others.

Our founding fathers would be distraught if they saw how our government operates in todays day and age. They envisioned a country where people were free to have individual values and weren’t forced to agree with the masses, but at the same time the masses have their rights protected as well. The only way we move forward starts at the ground level. The common people need to take back their culture and disrupt this oppression of free speech that our country faces today. We need to come together, as a society to impose change on this oppressive system that limits and inhibits the freedom of speech.

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3 Responses to The Modern Political Oppression of Free Speech

  1. wardog88 says:

    Hi bijanm1995, well I can see this is strong topic for some who don’t hold to the beliefs as you, with that said I find nothing you not wrong on most of this, except I am not really surprised at the social and cultural trends we heading towards. If you give your enemy an inch there are obliged to take the whole field, not only do the Abrahamic religions teach against these liberal trends they also need to remember that have an obligation to prevent generations from believing in the mindset of you are on your own in life. I am not at surprised at the way this country going as I stated earlier with issues like same-marriage and self-centered mindset, as one founder put it and I think it was Washington “a government left unchecked can turn from troublesome servant to a fearful master’. Now, religions need to realize that there are not so-called popular trend anymore, men who even call themselves religious hardly ever follow the doctrines of their Church because it’s really easy to follow the crowd then to stand up for you convictions or beliefs no matter the challenges. There is a culture war and men of faith keep to their own worlds while the liberals and progressive socialists advanced on nearly every front so the results are as they are.

  2. garrettcecich says:

    I totally agree with the sentiment that we, as a country, have kind of created an environment in which the level of political discourse among the public (that is, not the students in pol/sci classes, but the average American) is as disappointing as it is worrisome. The idea in our country that we ought to fight for every freedom we can has left us in a situation where we must question whether or not we can continue down this path. You mentioned a poignant example of the Catholic Church being forced to perform ceremonies that, from their prospective, are not supported in scripture. We must ask ourselves one serious question: Should it be illegal to refuse a service to someone based on a fact about them (in this example, we can look at a same-sex marriage in a catholic church)?

    Frequently, we see scandals in the news of bakeries or churches that refuse certain services to a customer on the grounds that they cannot perform the service in good conscience while serving the church (or in the bakery’s case, as christians). To me, refusing someone service on these grounds is a way of saying that the church doesn’t agree with the lifestyle, and thus will not endorse it “in the eyes of God”, as it were. As a human being, the thought of anyone being denied a serious service like a marriage is horrible and offensive. As a student and a member of American Society, though, I would not want the opinions of the public to dictate how I run my business or church. In other words, if I’m an old school Baptist, and I think that marriage necessarily is between a man and woman because of a bible verse, I don’t want the public to be able to decide that my religion is dated, and should be modernized. If America is really the Land of the Free, the solution is simple, in my mind.

    Suppose that the church receives all this feedback, and still denies the marriage. Members of the church who vehemently disagree can leave, and the church’s name will be tainted in the public eye. This is enough of a punishment for disagreeing with a lifestyle (albeit a pretty fundamental part of that person’s human experience). With that being said, this kind of punishment affects businesses much more directly. Take the bakery I mentioned earlier. If it gets around that this bakery doesn’t support two people loving each other regardless of gender, then a portion of the bakery’s customers will simply find another bakery to go to. In effect the bakery is able to take a stand for its own beliefs, or to accept these customers money for their services. It is the organizations choice whether or not the penalties in public opinion are worth them denying service based on gender, sexual orientation, race, etc.

    Really what I’m trying to say is that public sentiment helps shape our society in a huge way, and even though “de jure” laws are far too serious in this case, the “de facto” arrangements will eventually bring about change in one direction, however slowly that may be.

  3. bealpeyton says:

    To bijanm1995:

    Next, I would like to see an example of when and how any person of any religious faith has been forced to marry any of those pesky, pesky gays; I have literally been trying to find just one example, and have yet to find one. The only evidence I can find of people facing any significant penalty for denying constitutional rights to gay couples has concerned government officials. There was former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice and current Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was twice suspended for ignoring federal law and the Supreme Court, as well as imposing his personal, religious beliefs upon others. Also there was Kim Davis, a county clerk who jailed after she denied marriage licenses to gay couples in Kentucky. I know that there are obviously more cases of federal officials being sanctioned, but these are two of the most prominent. As far as private, religious groups or individuals being compelled by the government to marry gay couples, I have yet to find a single case.

    Regarding “free speech,” I honestly, again, do not know of a single example where a conservatively aligned person’s free speech has been stifled by the federal government. Let’s see: conservatives control the presidency, the House and the Senate, have a majority on the Supreme Court, and absolutely dominate the state legislatures and governorships. With that being noted, I am genuinely unsure of how anyone’s free speech, particularly of conservatives, is being impinged upon in the way you are describing. Simply being called a “bigot” or a racist” is not the oppression of free speech, it is simply the response of others who are using their own constitutionally protected speech. Lastly, if you are interested in the denial of first amendment rights, I would advise that you look into the rampant anti-protest and anti-speech laws that are currently being proposed and passed in republican controlled states across the country, as well as the constant and unsubstantiated attacks that have been launched by conservatives against the media.

    I just have to say: considering that we live in one of those most religious and especially Christian dominated countries in the entire world, meaning that the vast majority of elected officials, major political parties, and people in general identify as Christian, forgive me if I do not fully buy into the idea that the nefarious legions of liberal deviants are compromising America’s moral integrity. Unless, of course, Starbucks makes there seasonal cup not “Christmas-y” enough or, God forbid, someone says “happy holidays.” Oh no….we are already too late.

    To bijanm1995 & wardog88:

    If you are so vitally concerned about the “separation of church and state,” as am I, then I am sure you are strongly against the recent Supreme Court decision, Trinity Lutheran Church of Colombia v. Comer, which allowed public funding for religious schools. What the founders feared was “the entanglement of religion and the state,” and that was because many of them were barely religious to begin with, being either agnostic or deist. Religions are certainly, for the most part, on the decline; however, as I explain in the previous section, Christians overwhelmingly dominate just about every facet of American life, and that is not going to change for at least awhile. Also, although I might be in the minority, I am quite thankful for the fact that the doctrines of most religions, for the most part, are no longer taken literally. I prefer to not live in a society where adulterers and homosexuals are stoned, or people are executed for working on Sunday, or women can be sold at chattel.

    And beware, my fellow Americans: us liberal, progressive, commie, Muslim, atheist socialists are not just coming for an inch, or a yard, or the entire field; we are coming for your guns, your soft drinks and, most importantly, your Ten Commandments’ statues. Comrades, unite!

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