Vegas Strong

By this time, I am sure everyone is now familiar with what happened in Las Vegas. It has now been labeled as the biggest mass shooting in United States history, with 58 people dead and 546 who were left injured. Everyone in that crowd went to a concert to enjoy themselves and it ended with this awful incident. Based on how the community and nation as a whole reacted after this event, I think this event ties into a reading from earlier in the semester and it is Barn Raising.

Barn Raising was about people coming together to build this barn before a storm came. Although the events in Vegas were not preventative measures, you still see people coming together and helping those who need it. My cousin is a nurse in Las Vegas and she works in the hospital where all the victims were brought to get treated. There was a sense of care in that hospital because after everyone was treated they did not charge any of the people. They did not want to burden them with a medical bill after this traumatic time. Also there was a funeral home that stepped up and offered free funeral services for all the families who lost someone during the shooting. I think these two examples show community because these are two places that offered their services for free to help those who did not believe they would be in that situation. They could have charged them and gotten a big profit from it, but at that moment it was not about the profit they could get and it was about making sure that everyone who was impacted by this had one less thing to worry about.

There was also a strong sense of community between the Nevada residents. Once people were getting admitted into the hospital they needed blood for transfusions. Quickly there were long lines forming at donation centers with people wanting to help others who they have never met. Although they did not have to help, they recognized that what happened was bad and they wanted to help any way that they could. The earliest people showed up at donation centers at 2 am and stayed there until they opened at 7 am. Even after people donated they would stay and help pass out food and water to those who were waiting in line.

Even people who were not in Nevada found ways to help out. There was a online fundraising campaign. This was started by the Clark County Commission chairman from Las Vegas, his name was Steve Sisolak and by 3pm his campaign had already raised more than $850,000. People who lived in Nevada and those who lived in a different state were so willing to donate in order to help those in this situation.

It is things like this that shows that we as a society and always ready and willing to help those in need. Whether it be a natural disaster or something like this, when tragedy hits people want to help.


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  1. ennausa says:

    I find your post very interesting and particularly useful. Indeed, I think, it is important to talk about these disasters a few days or weeks after those kind of event to respect the victims. What happened in Vegas is a real tragedy. Barn Rainsing is a good example of community in this case as you explain in your article. In the case of Las Vegas, we can see a strong communitarianism between people. Indeed, it is possible to do much more and accomplish more things by being a group as Barn Raising explains and in this case, the individual comes second. Everyone wants to contribute to society and therefore acts in this way. Everyone feels concerned about others. This type of behavior is very visible after disasters such as events that occurred in recent months or years in France, Belgium, Great Britain, but also in the United States. There is a strong sense of community and support. Thus, this principle is that of civic republicanism, in which democracy means community. We talk about inclusion in these moments, regardless of whether we love our neighbor or not, mutual help and interest in others will pass before one’s own interest.

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