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Tyranny of the Majority? More like Tyranny of the Minority

I want to first start this off by saying that this post isn’t about minority races or ethnic groups, this about the very small portion of Americans who control vast amounts of wealth and political power. This blog post is … Continue reading

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What to you is this celebration?

Sure, we celebrate many holidays here in the United States, but do all citizens feel included within those holidays and are we doing the history of each day—of all the events that built up to one day–justice? Even at first … Continue reading

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Immigration is a very popular topic that has been talked about greatly especially with this most recent election. Immigrants have been coming to this country for centuries. America has been the land of freedom and opportunity. The United States of … Continue reading

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Confronting Racism in the American Mind: Then and Now

Frederick Douglass, in his famous “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?,” wrote the following: Sydney Smith tells us that men seldom eulogize the wisdom and virtues of their fathers, but to excuse some folly or wickedness of their own. … Continue reading

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No More Outrage

This comes from a very interesting conversation I had in a class. There is no more outrage with events on the news. We see tragic events that have taken place or natural disasters that create a tremendous amount of damage. … Continue reading

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The Modern Political Oppression of Free Speech

The extreme rise in egocentric socials trends and living in a culture of instant gratification has lead to the rise of individual values being forced upon by the collective  whole. This has created a culture that uses bullying tactics to … Continue reading

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Are Puerto Ricans Citizens? Yes & No

Hurricane Maria has uprooted the lives of millions of Americans, devastating the heart of Puerto Rico emotionally and financially. Puerto Rico was already facing economic instability prior to the Category 4 storm. Puerto Ricans were in the midst of an … Continue reading

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