Replacing bureaucracies

There should a complete unifying voice for changing to as the constitution and Declaration of Independence states abolishing a corrupt overbearing government.  With that said there, there should concise plan for actually replacing such bureaucracies, for without such formulas one will just another voice in the wind that never was courageous enough to action.  Such movements such the Tea Party and Black Lives Matter don’t solve the problem anymore than Tylenol or Advil cures a high fever, meaning this replacement movement will necessarily take time to mobilize and come up with strategies.  The Democratic Wish is more a plea for that change however, it does speak up for change, even if it just points out a formula for the cancer and the endless cycle that the people allow the government to take from a historical to political context.

In the past it also was easier to identify the problem even if it was harder to act on it, from the British empire to the Civil Rights movement.  No one replaced a tyrannical government or monarch on violence alone, the current trend of the Arab spring was a movement for the wrong reasons and the American revolts of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were just flashes in the pan and only spoke to the mood of certain ideologies of that time.  Anyone can use polls to ones advantage even me, however, the critique with that method is that its only a snapshot in time of several opinions not the 100 to 200 million Americans; do we need a 100 million man polling no not all, polls don’t work when it comes to actually trying to fix a broken system.  One should not just talk about a problem something without putting a plan into action or no one cares enough.  Going off of that the current movements today are mostly looked at as politically motivated not like the oppressed colonies or the Civil Rights with Dr. King at the helm.

Are there legitimate movements out there? Possibly, right now there is too much polarization in the political arena for legitimate movement to speak up.  It’s one thing to protest for less government or efficient government its quite another to use the first amendment as justification for violent riots that result in loss of life; or being so ideologically driven that you want others to do the work for you when you don’t want to cross the isle yourself. Both are guilty as charged on this matter overall, even though, there was staunch political disagreements in American history especially in the Revolutionary era at least they’re were willing to put their political pride aside and work together for betterment of the entire Republican democracy.  Am I being critical of nearly every movement in the past 10 years mostly, yes, however they’ve proven to earn such a criticism.  Today’s protests are merely screams and yelling because one side is being cocky that their President won and believe he can’t make a mistake and the other side is unwilling to accept election results because they disagree with him politically speaking and call him out for the smallest mistake, which neither side is general doesn’t help fix or remove and political bureaucracies or create new institution for the next generations to improve the country going forward.

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