Madman theory

The madman theory was created by Nixon he acted unstable to get an upper hand over US adversaries during the cold war. Trump seems to be portraying himself as a madman in office and with policies. Republicans run everything in DC so in order to keep Trump on their side they know they must get things done so he does not side with democrats. Trump is currently working with democrats with DACA and border security. The only way Trump will end his unpredictability is if people stop believing him. Without the people belief he loses power. Trump seems to be doing things to shock people and being unpredictable no one knows what his next move or tweet is. The question has been raised if Trump even knows what he is doing. All the actions Trump has taken has made him seem like a madman. Especially when he decided to end DACA and only give the US supreme court 6 months to come up with a solution. Donald Trump as a president is gonna be like a crazy drama show.

Wolf, Z. Byron. “Is Trump Using ‘Madman Theory’ on Republicans?” CNN, Cable News Network, 15 Sept. 2017,

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  1. I don’t believe President Trump’s decision to end DACA was the act of a “mad man”, rather the act of a shrewd politician that is doing what he believes is the right course to get Congress (not the Supreme Court) to figure out a fair and comprehensive immigration policy. Even in the always grid locked Congress 6 months should be ample time to move forward one of the many bills already under consideration on this highly political issue. The Dreamers Act 2017 is one that continues to protect those qualified under DACA as well as setting up a path to citizenship not provided under the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals. The President has vowed to revisit this situation if Congress is too busy fund raising and campaigning for the next 6 months to do their jobs on this critical issue.

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