During his acceptance of the 2017 Freedom Award for “Hamilton”, Lin -Manuel Miranda gave respect and honor to Alexander Hamilton and felt humbled by the rich history surrounding him inside the capital. Miranda feels the importance of arts and immigration is made possible by the historic Alexander Hamilton. He said, “Without humanities and arts programs, I wouldn’t be standing here; and without Alexander Hamilton and countless other immigrants who built this country its very probable that very few of us would be here either.” (Chervokas).
Alexander Hamilton is remembered as establishing Federal Principles for the National Government. Hamilton was very concerned with the Bill of Rights, arguing that they were not necessarily needed because with the Checks and Balances system, liberties were defended. Hamilton wrote the famous Federalist No. 84 to persuade Americans to ratify the constitutions to not repeat the mistakes of the Articles of Confederation. (Hughes, 2013). Hamilton argued that the constitution itself is the Bill of Rights and set limitations and checks and balances on the government would not fringe upon the individual rights.
In Miranda’s portrayal of “Hamilton”, he incorporates hip hop, a diverse cast, and energizing choreography to tell and remind the American nation, especially the youth, that we were founded by immigrants. An important connection Miranda makes is in his portrayal of Hamilton’s story. It is the immigration narrative in our country today (Binelli, 2016). Miranda Parallels how the founding fathers including Hamilton had to fight over the role of government. They weren’t perfect men, but “They did a remarkable thing in sticking the landing from revolution to government” (Binelli).

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  1. lachew says:

    I LOVE Hamilton (so I’ll admit, I’m biased on the subject). But even aside from the popularity of the musical, the very real and historical figure of Alexander Hamilton certainly made incredible contributions to American political thought. Through the Federalist Papers, not only are we able to have readings to study in class, but we also have insight into the Founding Fathers’ thoughts, concerns, and arguments for what eventually has become our government and political system. While we (obviously) know that Hamilton “lost” the argument against the Bill of Rights, his concerns are very understandable. In fact, they are reflected in some of the contemporary arguments made in politics! Nonetheless, Miranda and Hamilton: the Musical certainly illustrate the ability of immigrants to make overwhelming contributions to our country, while the facts of history similarly prove that immigrants are and always have been an important piece of the history of the United States.

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