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Replacing bureaucracies

There should a complete unifying voice for changing to as the constitution and Declaration of Independence states abolishing a corrupt overbearing government.  With that said there, there should concise plan for actually replacing such bureaucracies, for without such formulas one … Continue reading

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Morality and Politics

The concept of morality has been observed in human nature since the earliest recorded pieces of history dating back tens of thousands of years. The definition of morality that I found on the Oxford Living Dictionaries website is, “principles concerning … Continue reading

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Living in Political Extremes.

Maybe we’re self-deprecating by always asserting that there are two clear sides and everyone must pick one? We saw this trend in our reading of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers—two sides fighting over what foundation to lay for the development … Continue reading

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Is Money Power?

Over the course of what we have been speaking about a common theme that occurs is does money play a significant role in politics? When speaking about Anti-Federalist and Federalist they both have different views of how our government should … Continue reading

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Where do we draw the line?

People want equal representation in congress. To create the illusion that this happens, the state divides itself into districts of equal population and each district elects someone for the House of Representatives. Ideally, these districts would be drawn proportionately to … Continue reading

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How would Federalists and Anti-Federalists feel about the DACA Debacle?

The DACA “Debacle” The current debate on DACA can be viewed from the perspective of Federalists and Ant-Federalists. Federalists would consider President Trump’s actions to end the program and challenge Congress to expedite a fair and just national immigration policy … Continue reading

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Social Insurance: As American as Apple Pie

On September 13, 15 U.S. Senators, lead by Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, introduced Medicare-for-all, single payer health care legislation in the U.S. Senate. In an email sent out to supporters, Senator Sanders explained that the aim … Continue reading

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A Nation Divided (Geographically)

Increasingly our society has become divided between rural and urban. Truth be told that the solutions to most of our problems (economic disparity, political divide, environmental challenges) cannot be found in the traditional mainstay of American aspirations. The idea of … Continue reading

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During his acceptance of the 2017 Freedom Award for “Hamilton”, Lin -Manuel Miranda gave respect and honor to Alexander Hamilton and felt humbled by the rich history surrounding him inside the capital. Miranda feels the importance of arts and immigration … Continue reading

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Madman theory

The madman theory was created by Nixon he acted unstable to get an upper hand over US adversaries during the cold war. Trump seems to be portraying himself as a madman in office and with policies. Republicans run everything in … Continue reading

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