Another bombing


Today the U.S. dropped its’ largest non-nuclear bomb, GBU-43, in Afghanistan. During a press conference about the action Trump stated that it was “Another successful mission… we’re really proud of our military.” He didn’t specify why exactly he was proud about or what the mission was for. There are some reports that claim the attacks were aimed at ISIS. The bombing took place nonetheless, and I am left wondering what the purpose of this bombing was considering the current state of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee climate in the United States supported by policies created by the Trump administration. Trump strives to create an American country with only those whom he deems to be acceptable to be citizens and exist in the country, which are mostly white Americans, while excluding everyone else. When he makes attacks like these, he is creating an environment where people do not feel safe in their own communities and they must flee for refuge. Considering that maybe, perhaps this mission was aimed at ISIS, the reality that civilians are harmed in warfare is a major factor to consider. When bombing a country it’s not just bombing the enemy but bombing the entire state, country and its people and resources. Everyone is affected. The Washington Post noted, “The Pentagon said in its statement that ‘U.S. Forces took every precaution to avoid civilian casualties with this strike.’ ” Taking every precaution doesn’t clearly state how many lives could have been potentially lost or were lost. -There are many lives being taken in the United States today due to anti-refugee and anti-immigrant sentiment that is fueled by the administration itself. Sheila Adus-Salaam was found in the New York Hudson River. She was the first Muslim women to serve as a U.S. judge. Both of these news, the bombing and Sheila Adus-Salaam’s death are examples of parallels in the way that we treat the people we live in our country and those who are further away- the reason of death has not been given but the details known so far give great reason for suspicion and speculation that foul play was involved. I believe if Trump’s actions were truly made in order to protect the country, an assumption I am making, I think his next step would be to acknowledge what has occurred with the judge Adus-Salaam and do all that he can to find out exactly what happened to her. Because his worry is security and safety and doing all he can to make America great again and yet all of these horrible acts of violence are occurring without a solid sentiment from him. I would like to see Trump speak out against an ill that occurs in this country instead of reacting with force. What I mean by that is that I would like to see him set up meetings, do community service, do some type of humanitarian work and show any emotion instead of only attacking groups of people and marginalizing groups that are already marginalized to begin with. And I would also like answers at press conferences instead of everything but, but that’s another issue.

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