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Recreational Marijuana: A State or Federal Issue?

November’s general election was undeniably historic. It was an election in which the increasingly polar climate of American politics truly reached a contentious extreme. While the most widely discussed race was obviously that in pursuit of the presidency, there were … Continue reading

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From Russia with Love

As the Trump administration attempts to find stable footing following their “loss” in federal court over the “Muslim Ban,” the executive branch is now dealing with the fallout of what some believe could be the biggest political scandal since “Watergate.” … Continue reading

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Improving the Public Defender

The job of a public defender is an extremely difficult one. They are underpaid and overworked. They often get asked how they can defend people who are accused of committing crimes. Some put all their time and efforts into getting … Continue reading

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Socialism Rising in America?

A student from New York University, Trevor Hill went off script at a recent town hall with Nancy Pelosi and pointed out a few survey results that interested me. He spoke on a poll Harvard took that showed that 51% … Continue reading

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Late Night TV in Trump’s America

I have to admit; one of my life’s guilty pleasures is a binging-watching clips from late night TV. From SNL skits to “Carpool Karaoke”, these hilarious snippets are endlessly entertaining. Being a self-proclaimed political junkie, lately I have found myself … Continue reading

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Automation & Legislation

It’s no secret that our society relies heavily on technological advancements made in the past few decades to function effectively. It is simply impossible in this day and age to go a day without encountering a computer, television, smartphone, smart … Continue reading

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Trump and the Judges

Late last week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck a major blow to President Trump’s immigration agenda when they upheld a suspension of his controversial travel ban. Since the ruling, President Trump made his views widely known, calling the … Continue reading

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Trump at the Supreme Court

How the courts will view President Trump’s executive order on foreign travel has been the hot topic of discussion the past few weeks. Well, we know how the 9th Circuit feels. That court shredded the order in an opinion that was about … Continue reading

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Selling Diversity

I am still bitter about the Super Bowl. I don’t want to talk about how the Falcons could have just made one more field goal to secure the win. I don’t want to talk about how excited and full of … Continue reading

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Voter ID Laws: a Vicious Positive Feedback Loop

While they may have faded into the background during the absurdities of the first few weeks of the Trump Administration, let’s refocus ourselves on a few of our new POTUS’ recent tweets. I will be asking for a major investigation … Continue reading

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