The recurrent fear of a rigged election: a Trump’s paranoia?

        While scandals and shock revelations are increasing, the Republican candidate Donald Trump considers himself as a victim of conspiracies. Donald Trump always tried to take advantage of conspiracy theories. First, there was the place of birth of President Obama, then rumors according to which the FBI was in cahoots with Hillary Clinton or that Ted Cruz’s father (his former opponent) was related to Kennedy assassination. This time, he is the victim of the conspiracy. A “globalized power structure” – associating large companies, Medias and Clinton’s entourage – wants him dead. Moreover, struggling in surveys as the presidential election approaches, Donald Trump now lashes out at the system. While early voting and postal vote already started in many states, the Republication candidate considered, on Monday, 1 October, that the polls will be vague anyways.

But could the election be really rigged in favor of his opponent, the democrat Hillary Clinton?

“There is massive electoral fraud”

capture1However, it seems that constitutional law experts who looked into the electoral fraud situation rule against him… Indeed, the constitutional expert Justin Levitt, who studied proceedings of the elevtions between 2000 and 2014, for instance just revealed 31 “incidents”, he says in Washington Post. But, during this period, he considers that more than one billion ballot papers had been put into the ballot bot through the whole country. Also, after investigation, most of the fraud suspicions turned out unfounded.

“Medias are dishonest and biased”


Here is what show the numbers: between January and September, Donald Trump’s campaign benefited from 822 minutes of broadcasting time on the three main American television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC), for 386 minutes for Hillary Clinton, according to a study conducted by Tyndall Report. Otherwise, the institute that 89 of these 386 minutes allocated to the democrat campaign concerned emails scandal. According to the IQ Media institute, Donald Trump is unquestionably the “TV President”: since the beginning of the campaign, he gets a broadcasting time equivalent to 4,6 billion dollars of advertising spots, for 2,5 billion dollars for Hillary Clinton.

“Clinton has the questions of the debates in advance”


In early October, Wikileaks published a succession of revelations regarding the hacked emails of the American administration – it found that Hillary Clinton gets very close proximity ties with some journalists. In one of these emails, dated March 12, 2016, the President of the democratic national committee Donna Brazile, writes to a close Hillary Clinton’s adviser to express her anxiety regarding a question she knew “in advance”, and which could be asked the day after during a debate between the candidates in the Democratic primaries. The democrat in charge insured through a communiqué that she didn’t pass questions in advance, but she conceded, on the other hand, that she sometimes used to mention subjects that she considered sensitive with “all the candidates” of her party, before taking part of a program, Politico explains ( In this case, she was indeed on the ABC set the day after the sending of this email.

So, without invalidating completely Trump’s theory, all of this allows us to put in doubt these accusations. Thus, mentioning the possibility of a rigged election, Donald Trump is playing with a very important topic in the American political life for some 15 years (indeed, this topic was already deeply mentioned in 2001 after the Geogres W. Bush election).   One thing is certain, Trumps plays an unprecedented role. Indeed, it is “unsual that the candidate itself leads the charge”. As pointed out by Jesse Walker (books editor of Reason magazine), “Trump is making himself the voice of these fears with a really unprecedented way in the American history”.

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2 Responses to The recurrent fear of a rigged election: a Trump’s paranoia?

  1. cvazquez131 says:

    You make some great points, hopefull voter fraud is scarce this election. Regarding the media, it is now evident that CNN contributor Donna Brazile paseed on multiple questions in verbatim ahead of time to HRC, prior to her debate with Bernie Sanders. Her forced resignation from CNN affirms her guilt. While Trump has dominated the news cyle that past few months, it should be noted that the overwhelming majority of coverage is negative. In addition to the mainstream media being overwhelming hostile to Trump, they have been incredibly crozy with HRC. The following two links include that names of journalists that attended a Upper East side cocktail party with HRC’s campaign prior it’s kickoff.
    Not only is the Clinton team incredibly close with the media, they are also in some instances given veto regarding content published. NYT reporter Mark Leibovich recently gave the campaign veto power regarding which of Hillary’s responses to his questions would make it in his piece.

  2. amcorell says:

    One issue I have with this whole thing is that Clinton keeps bringing up Russia with Wikileaks. It’s frustrating because with every leak, it makes Clinton look like she’s blaming some other entity instead of acknowledging the fact. It makes her look, at least in my eyes and I’m sure others’, even more distrustful that she keeps deflecting to Russia. And like you said in the last paragraph, it’s not like the idea of a rigged election is new. It is however kind of weird that a man so obviously susceptible to conspiracy theories is doing so well right now. What worries me a lot, also, is that he’s done interviews and made friends with Alex Jones of Infowars. This guy on the internet has a huge following, and he openly says that there is a Jewish global agenda trying to take over the world and kill 90% of the population with the US’s help. The fact that he would go on air with a guy with this kind of following makes it not surprising that Trump would believe that the entire election is rigged against him. Also about the press giving him so much coverage, I think what’s also important is how much he’s been able to gain such a massive following with the internet.

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