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Shklar and Why Americans Don’t Vote

I was not able to say this in class so I am posting this here weeks later. In class when we discussed Judith Shklar’s book American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion, it got me thinking: do we as Americans not … Continue reading

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Us vs. Them

Us vs. Them Edward E. Curtis IV brought up many great points regarding the causes and effects of Islamophobia. His most compelling argument for me came when he briefly discussed American’s seemingly never-ending desire for conflict. This us vs. them … Continue reading

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The Economy: Who Calls the Shots?

In a blog post from last week, James Morone’s “The Democratic Wish” and his theory that American politics cycles through four stages which ultimately lead to a larger and larger government was used to compare the current presidential race to … Continue reading

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The recurrent fear of a rigged election: a Trump’s paranoia?

        While scandals and shock revelations are increasing, the Republican candidate Donald Trump considers himself as a victim of conspiracies. Donald Trump always tried to take advantage of conspiracy theories. First, there was the place of birth … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, we had a guest speaker, Edward Curtis IV who is the Millennium Chair of the Liberal Arts, Professor of Religious Studies and Adjunct Professor of American and Africana Studies from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis come to … Continue reading

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Did James Madison Warn Us About Trump?

In today’s day and age, many seem to criticize the Founding Fathers for being racists and sexists who established a world where only wealthy white males were created equal. While they may have been wrong about the position of human … Continue reading

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The Important Lessons from Edward E.Curtis IV

As an outspoken human rights activist, I did not think I would need a safe space to express my opinions, feelings, and experiences pertaining to discrimination and other forms of oppression, especially in light of the current political campaign. But, … Continue reading

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