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Debt, Elitism, and Alexander Hamilton

This post is by Christian Vazquez.   As I write this blog post, the United States National Debt is 19,529,882,290,867 dollars. I encourage you to check before you read the rest of this post because the Debt will probably have … Continue reading

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A museum… A good idea but is it enough?

This post is from Geoffrey Vassallucci.   “African American history is not somehow separate from the American story. It is not the underside of the American story. It is central to the American story”, Barack Obama. “A great nation does not … Continue reading

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Can the Election Change your Beliefs? A Small Study on Presidential Politics and its Ability to Sway Opinions.

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it. “I don’t like either candidate.” Statistically, you probably feel it too. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are historically disliked among voters. Both nominees have the highest “strongest unfavorable” and lowest … Continue reading

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Would the Founding Fathers Build Trump’s Wall?

Donald Trump, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, has revolutionized the way we view politicians today. He says what is on his mind without having anyone make his message a bit sweeter or politically correct to the viewers. However, his message … Continue reading

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Is Robin Hood Right or Wrong?

In What the Social Classes Owe to Each Other, Sumner analyzes the relationships between each class and poses the question: Is it the duty of the upper class to appease the social burdens of the poor? Sumner hypothesizes that those … Continue reading

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Misbehaved Elites

The author of this post is Melissa Schonberger. In the analysis of Federalist opinion, it is apparent that they believed elites should be leading the government. In their minds, elites were more educated on societal issues, had higher education and were … Continue reading

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Anti-federalists on Obamacare

When I was reading the material on the anti-federalists, I immediately thought of Obamacare. One of the many critics of Obamacare is that the states do not have enough discretion in implementing Obamacare and various safety net plans. For instance, … Continue reading

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Speculation on a Modern Day Anti-federalist Culture

Imagine the United States of America predominately (or rather solely) governed by the terms and regulations the Anti-federalists sought to implement were in fact implemented and actively acknowledged in the present day American culture. As history unfolded we can indeed … Continue reading

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Dakota Access Pipeline and Republicanism

Amongst the terror of recent news a common theme of these stories are selfishness, intolerance, and greed. In today’s day and age it is unheard of for a group of people to congregate and protect the sanctity of another’s heritage … Continue reading

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How much might a Universal Basic Income cost us?

Over the years, the idea of social insurance has been manipulated to fit a specific need, and as such, every civilized country to date has some sort of social insurance system in place, much like Social Security in the United … Continue reading

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