Senator Sanders bring many strong arguments today into the spectrum of the political discussion. One these topic is on “Free college education,” which many of his young supporters’ love;  I wonder why… In reality these young supporters would never see free college education placed into effect by the time they get done with college… But let’s continue the reality of a free college education, what does it mean, and who benefits from it?

According to Senator Sanders the majority of European nations have a free higher education system at a cheaper price, but the United States does not and that is wrong. While I agree with Senator Sanders on the moral side of that statement, the reality side of the argument is unspoken here. According to Mr. Chingos from the Brookings Institute, free college will only benefit the rich still, and the bell curve will skew to the socioeconomic wealth class benefiting the most [1].  His argument is based upon external factors around the college education system that will not change. Simply the student still needs to eat, have functioning housing (with internet, air conditioning, electricity, etc…), a cell phone, professional development, and time to complete their studies… Mr. Chingos concludes that the wealthiest Americans will benefit from Senators Sanders idea the most, being that they will not have to worry about the external factors of a college education, being that their financial cost will already be covered. The extensive statistical analysis supporting Mr. Chingos argument about this position that free tuition will only support the richest in the United States. I challenge my fellow college peers to disprove this man logic, because frankly I do not see flaws in his statement; the system will always benefit the rich in the United States.



Mr. Davidson from the New York Times sure agrees with the majority of the populist that the cost of higher education is inflated when tuition cost has doubled in twenty years. Mr. Davidson does not side with Senator Sanders point of view that four-year education system should be free for all, but agree with President Obama that the community college system should be free for all. The author side that graduation rate among community college student is best, and would have the greatest return on investment for the states. Stating that statistical analysis predicts that the states would save $40,000 per person with an associates degree. Reasoning each individual that has associates degree is greater than 50% chance to not be jailed. His reasoning behind not the valuing the four-year degree, is the same as Mr. Chingos; external cost are higher, and investment risk does not benefit the state. As matter of fact Mr. Davidson is rather pissed with the government state and federal, stating “In other words, our system gives three times as much aid to the least needy as it gives to the most.” His research shows that the wealthiest student will receive an offer of $25K per academic year, and the poorest student will receive an offer $13.5K. [2]

I would say the system is rigid either way… But I challenge my peers to prove these authors wrong. THE ISSUE IS NOT COST OF HIGHER EDUCATION!! IT IS K-12, AND POOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT!! I challenge my peer to prove me wrong!



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  1. nshah210 says:

    Well it seems you’re pretty set on Bernie Sanders. My question is that wouldn’t the quality of teachers go down if education was free for all 4 years? And now if everyone had the opportunity to go to college, wouldn’t work forces want more than a 4 year degree and it would just increase from there on out? Just things I was wondering when reading the blog.

    • pooh0bear8 says:

      I do not support Senator Sanders, his promises are a grand lie, and if you read the post of it entirety I am suggesting the free college will only allow the wealthiest to become wealthier…. I suggest America focus on its K-12. I support Secretary Clinton her lies are more believable, and more center than left…. Even though the hooligans of the far right believe she is demon of sorts… I do will never understand that, but whatever the hooligans can keep their guns while smart robber sits at home drains your bank account because you believe the local drug is a larger threat than the digital criminal.

      Enjoy your summer, stay cool & safe from the heat

  2. trose91 says:

    Great way to end the class blog. I actually like Bernie a lot. In my ideal world Bernie would be President and college would be free for Americans. His plan sounds great and he has a way of getting people roweled up and ready to support him. However, I too find myself questioning the effects that free college will cause on me and family. I ask myself questions like: “Will it become harder to get into college? What will they increase the taxes on? Will I still be able to afford my basic necessities such as food, gas, electricity and things of that sort? Or will Bernie’s plan make it hard for me to live? 10 years from now when college is free for everyone will there be an influx of individuals in job field, limiting opportunities?” I like Bernie a lot as a motivational speaker, I hear him speak and he encourages and motivates me. I’m just not sure that he is the best fit for America as the next President of The United States. On the other hand, great post. I enjoyed reading it.

    -Very Respectfully,
    Taundra Rose

  3. tonybetz says:

    I liked reading your post for it made for a very interesting reading. I believe that education should be funded all the way through college, and don’t quite understand why most people wouldn’t want that. I went to private schools all the way up to college, because my parents wanted me to have a religious education. I don’t believe that quality of education would diminish either because there are so many great public schools out there right now, so is it so wrong to make it affordable for lower income families to give their children the opportunity for a better life? Food for thought.

    • pooh0bear8 says:

      Merely suggesting the wealth and opportunity gap would not narrow, but likely widen because of free college for all. The Millennial generation for better or worst will narrow that gap by brute force of law, or natural social norm that will happen state by state until the federal government change it for all.


      A college degree does not entitle you to a job…. It is piece of paper that proves very little about what your immediate skills are to an employer, or what integrity you have. The likely untold truth about college is that it is all about personal networking and building lasting relationships with your peers to better your chance of getting a job, & maintaining job security throughout life by continuing to network.

      Then again who the hell am I to say what is right or wrong / correct or incorrect… BORING, drama is entertaining DRUMPF 2016 everyone on the Drumpf train we diving of the canyon together………………………………

  4. J.M.Delgado says:

    Reblogged this on Politics Uncensored and commented:

    As a future politician, it is important to acknowledge both sides of the issue. Yes this post has some valid point, but it fails to analyze empirical evidence.

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