The Grand Old Party (GOP)… What is Happening?

As the United States Presidential Primaries are finalizing in July the GOP finds itself at odds having a non-politician leading their primary elections, with the populist of the party behind this individual. While news media and think tanks are asking themselves what is happening?

While researching this idea ‘what is happening’ to the GOP. A Cato publication was found, but the best part is it was written in 2006 by Tucker Carlson. Mr. Carlson is career long journalist, siding with Republican views. In this Cato publication (Spring2006, Vol.4, Number2), “The Decline and Fall of the Republican Party” Mr. Carlson predicts many ideas the political analysis currently talking about.  He declares President Bush aloof about Republican ideology, and knowing ignoring the wants of populist of the party. Explained by Mr. Carlson is the people of the GOP were denied their principles of liberty by expanding the federal government. This action ultimately would place an even large shadow over the states. Also the people would reflect upon President Bush, and realize that he wasn’t a financial conservative; rarely exercises veto power. Finally, the perceived corruption of representatives of congressional & senatorial committees as more, and more special interest find their way into Washington D.C. … Woo Mr. Carlson’s predictions were nearly a bullseye.


2008 – Market Crash (housing bubble)


2008-Presidential Election



600                What were original goals of the Tea Party movement of 2009? The Tea Party was focus on taking back the federal government, implementing financial conservative ideas, and reducing its overall scope of the federal government; some may argue they played their cards wrong. Reasoning for talking about the Tea Party is their behavior, and new generation of politicians that came to Washington. These new politicians had their new ideas, and radical ways to get them through Washington; one problem the President. This Tea Party movement continues to grow in strength as the U.S. economy stagnates, and now President Obama will become the face to blame as he block the Tea Party’s agenda.


2010 – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act… Federal Government grows stronger


Recap, Mr. Carlson declares President Bush aloof to people of GOP and willing expands the federal government. Second the 2008 global recession happens, and Obama is elected same year; “YES WE CAN!” Third economy stagnates with no relief.  Finally, Affordable Care Act is passed and these GOP supports are coming out in full force now… 2010 midterms the democrats will lose the Congressional House of Representatives.

What is the big deal the GOP voter is angry, because their voices are not being heard by their representatives and the economy still is not treating you unfairly; take your White House back. There is plenty of motivation, and emotion to the White House back, it should be an easy win.

2012 Presidential Campaign… The GOP loses, but how, but why, what happened?!?!? According the New York Times political reporter Nicholas Confessore, the head chairs of the GOP went too far with pushing for immigration reform. This choice to push immigration reform by the GOP again was ignoring their base, and not valuing their supporters; what about government reduction, and financial conservative idea? The GOP supporter is now dishearten and discouraged… Gridlock will follow the next four years, until the non-politician outsider arrives to ‘save the day?’ The GOP voter has jump ship after being ignored for 10+ yrs to someone to who is willing to take them to the ideological promise land. With regards to what is happening, it is suggested that the voter is merely following the individual that is listening to ‘them’, but ‘them’ is a minority. The individual leading with the populist with lose the general, based upon alone how much hatred he creates.

While this post does talk about the GOP, looking through Youtube to find some videos related to this post the reality is that America is tired & frustrated of the dullness ; our politics suck; our economy is lame; where is the pride? It would behoove the next president of the United States of America to stir the kettle with some nationalism. The country needs its pride back. Lets visit the moon again, something to boost morale.

Three videos may or may not agree, but are suggestive of the United States of America’s current mood.


Donald Trump Rally – Free Hugs [Extended Version] 

Speaker Paul Ryan speech on the State of American Politics        <— Well spoken here

Bernie vs Trump, Who is more Violent! (Social Experiment)



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