Trump’s Wall and Immigrant Lives


I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S and Mexican border. Some people praise his tough on immigration stance but I simply do not agree with Trump’s plan to build a wall for two reasons. The first is visa overstayers. An estimated 40% of illegal immigrants are visa overstayers meaning Trump’s 8 billion dollar wall isn’t going to fix the immigration problem completely. The second reason is border deaths. The truth is whether we believe border control is justified or not it has caused an increase of border deaths. After 1993 some border control policies and strategies such as “Operation Hold the Line” or “Operation Gatekeeper” and others in the following 15 years there were an estimated 3800 to 5600 deaths, an over 100% increase of what the death count had previously been.080614_us_mexican_border1

The truth is more border control equals more border deaths which leads us to the question, is it moral? These people have died attempting to break the law by crossing illegally but is death a fitting punishment? The Douglas and Jacobs readings are still relevant today. To say that the struggles that illegal immigrants face is equal to the struggles faced by slaves is wrong but there is a similarity between the two situations. Douglas and Jacobs ran from oppression and were met with discrimination and were treated as less than human. Illegal immigrants from Mexico are fleeing their corrupted country and poverty in hopes of a better life only to be met with the life threatening conditions crossing the border and several laws in Arizona and other states aimed at chasing these immigrants out of the country.

Although many may disagree with me I believe trump is degrading the immigrants to something lower. He has been quoted on some occasions blaming illegal immigrants for crimes and even calling them rapists. These people are attempting to escape their own country only to be met by hate. They are humans and although I do agree something should be done about illegal immigration an 8 billion dollar wall is not something I agree with. We must learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes, to treat these refugees as lesser beings is unjust and deems us unworthy to call ourselves a land of refuge.

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6 Responses to Trump’s Wall and Immigrant Lives

  1. ricquelln says:

    I do believe that Trump does say some unnecessary, and rude, things regarding illegal immigrants, but if we sensor the rude remarks and get down to what he is really saying he makes some valid points. You state that building Trumps wall will lead to more boarder deaths, but those who come across illegally know the risk they are taking; even before the wall there were people dying in the desert due to the harsh conditions they were faced with. To answer your question on if building a wall is unmoral or moral, I will have to say it has nothing to do with morality. This wall that we have now is not there for moral purposes, nor will the new wall be, this wall is for security. If people are coming to the United States to better their lives, then they can come legally to do so. Now, I do believe that process is long and there should be an easier way to gain the legal documents needed, but thats for another topic. I do agree that Trump thinks the worst of immigrants, but they are technically not refugees so they cannot receive the same accommodations that actual refugees have.

    • zschilling says:

      I 100% percent agree with you. Trump is harsh and doesent talk to nicely about illegal immigrants. But it boils down to the fact that these immigants are coming here ILLEGALLY. Im sure some have good intentions and are good people. American invites these people with open arms aslong as they go through the process like everyone else. Its likes trying to drive without a license. There is a process you have to go through first before you get that privilage. As you said, the process may be long and their should be an easier way to gain citizenship in America. I also agree with this. A long, tedious process will discourage many immigrants from crossing legally and thus they just walk over indisregard for our Law and their own safety.

  2. J.M.Delgado says:

    I am a strong advocate in fighting the idea of a “Wall” being built between the U.S and Mexico, and this is why. History has shown that building barriers between nations, usually follows up with more deaths, and frankly opens up a can of worms in itself. ( The linked provided shows examples of “walls” throughout the ages showing the ineffectiveness of these projects).Now I’m going to completely disregard this (dumb&^^%% comments), and go into his policies with a non partisan point of view. Yes, having a poor border could lead to problems in National Security, but have the American people forgotten that our policy makers in Washington, put the choke hold on Mexico’s economy ever since the extremely biased trade agreement in 1993.(NAFTA). Mr. Trump, relies on the fears of the American people and justifies the problems in the U.S by politically shaming certain groups of people. An example, is when Trump calls the Muslim religion the reason why there are so many conflicts in the world. But I completely disregard him because I know for a fact that he is completely ignorant on the origins of terrorism, and makes assumptions that could really put people in danger.

    On a last note, I am completely against a candidate who frequently makes sexual comments about, women, minorities, and frankly he speaks sexually about his daughter. Is this really the candidate that you want?

    • pooh0bear8 says:

      Why do not display your passion in class? … Clearly this topic is a fire start for you but, don’t get angry for ricquelln commenting on your post

  3. chrsm1 says:

    I agree with you that Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall will not help the illegal immigrations issues in the United States, but the Mexicans coming to the United States know they are illegal and can suffer consequences with that. I agree with you that most of them are coming for better life and opportunities and they are not criminals or rapists. The immigration control needs attention and changes, but not having a strong border control could lead to issues in National Security.

  4. nicmccaleb says:

    I also agree that Donald Trump’s plan to build the wall will not only not help the illegal immigration issues in the United States but I also think that the concept to build this massive wall is completely unrealistic. The cost it would take to build that massive of a project is much too expensive. I do, however think that stricter immigration control should be implemented but the bigger issue that neesds to be addressed is what to do with the illegal immigrants that are already in the country. These immigrants came here seeking a better live and once here are prosecuted and disrespected. There needs to be s specific process to help these people out and either provide them with citizenship or send them back to their respective countries. I have a personal friend who was in the States on a Student Visa and his process to gain citizenship was one of the most difficult and tedious process’ i have heard of. This system needs to be altered.

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