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The Human Rights Violations in our Neighborhoods

Freedom!  Liberty!  Justice for all!  We are America.  We are the greatest country on Earth.  Anyone that is born here is lucky to be an American, because it can get no better than this.  We encourage voting and participating in … Continue reading

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Rights Rhetoric and Religious Relics

A month or two ago, I wrote a paper for an upcoming Model United Nations conference about protecting and preserving cultural artifacts and landmarks, one of the current priorities of the real United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. But after … Continue reading

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“The Thoreau of the West”: Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau

Dubbed by Larry McMurtry as the “Thoreau of the West”, Edward Abbey was an author and philosopher whose work in defense of the environment was shaped in part by Henry Thoreau’s writing. Where Thoreau faced the scourge of slavery and … Continue reading

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How Rights Consciousness Could Be Defined Outside of the Legal Context: A Memoir

Fun fact about me: I’m really into slam poetry. This is one that I’ve watched over and over and I kept thinking about during tonight’s class. In it, a young woman struggles to find the courage to stand up to … Continue reading

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A glimpse of Sharia Law.

Sharia law is the law of Islam. Sharia is an Arabic word that literally means a path to be followed. It is cast from two main sources: 1- the Quran (which Muslims consider to be the literal word of God) … Continue reading

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The 1787 United States Constitution, to sign or NOT to sign? That is the question.

Sandford Levinson in chapter six Conclusions: Adding One’s Signature To The Constitution writes, “Leaders of Israel, both past and were gathered at the presidential mansion, and they were asked to “re-sign” the Declaration of Independence as, in the words of … Continue reading

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After reading and discussing Susan Estrich’s, Rape, reading in class there was a clear indication that the manner in which universities handle rape cases are improper and neither protect the victim nor the accused, but rather the university. Reading through … Continue reading

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