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The Constitution of the United States created three branches of government with the intention to bring about separation of power or checks and balances. The Executive branch is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws. Congress is powered by our constitution to make the laws. The Supreme Court of the United States is known as the Judiciary Branch. The purpose of this court is to interpret our federal constitutional laws. The court comprises the Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices nominated by various United States Presidents with Senate confirmation. The appointment of the members of the Supreme Court is life term tenure unless the members retire, resign or are impeached. The composition of the members of the Supreme Court includes conservatives, moderates and liberals as we know to be. As a result, my assumption of interpreting the laws by these justices may base on their philosophical, ideological and political ideas. What is unique about this institution as compare to Congress whose decision makings are being televised, members of the Supreme Court make their decisions in secrecy, each with a vote and having no idea of what is going on behind closed doors until after they vote.
As we read the Law and Political Order, in which we are looking at the Supreme Court constitutional interpretations by the nine justices, I came to realize the division amongst them as being conservatives, liberals and moderates.
My question is what is interpreted and who interprets the constitution? To answer this question, we will look at two sides of constitutional interpretations. One is the fidelity to the text like Justice Scalia who commits on the law and the constitution, that is, the original text. Secondly, the common law people like justice Brennen who believes in the living constitution that is, the modernity will of the community. This was evident in our readings like “The case of the Speluncean Explorers where each justice approach in interpreting that law was based on the two interpretations mentioned above. As I read the “Gideon’s Trumpet”, by Anthony Lewis, and did my assignment on court observations at the District Courts in Arizona, I began to shape my mind on what actually happens in our judiciary system with regards to social justice. And as a social justice student, I would love to contribute to the communities, individuals and groups lives, institutions and organizations that are affected with injustices in our society. Therefore, I believe that the Supreme Court Justices can misinterpret the constitution. And as our Framers of the constitution did well to put their ideas together in order to have law and order in our country, those ideas are not enough to protect the entire United States populations which brought about the Bill of Rights. Since amendments have been made to our constitution, it shows that our society is changing and therefore needs transformation. For this reason, as society changes, it is advisable to change together with the society which gives me the courage to support the living constitution rather than the original text because of our moral values. This way, our constitution will be in line with our democratic principles.
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