knuckles and the law

Over these past few weeks we’ve been going over the topics of rape and domestic violence. Right away, we all know these are not topics that most people will readily discuss. Discussion could be, proven to be in class, difficult for some to do.  As I listened in my typical strong silent type fashion, I heard different peoples takes on the topics. To be quite honest, these are two topics I never touch. The reason being is, I have the utmost respect for women. I live within a family that is heavily female dominated. As much as they all drive me crazy they are my family. The though that someone could bring violence against them is sickening to me. The reason I never touch the topics is I nip them in the butt before anything can happen. Ive been in a couple fights over the wrongful treatment of people, including women. One of my dear friends back home had been having trouble with her boyfriend and they were arguing alot. Seeing as it was not my relationship I did not interfere, until one night. My friend confided in me that she had spent the night in jail because an argument with her boyfriend had turned violent and the cops were called. She teared up in my arms and I noticed bruises. In the discussions in class I came back to that moment. I couldn’t understand why this girl, who had always been a close friend, had been harmed as she was. I had met her boyfriend before and he had his familial issues. I had tried to talk him through them and help but nothing got through. He was a rich entitled cocky stain on this earth. He brushed off my requests to peacefully solve his problems with my friend. During class I came back to this interaction too. I looked him in his eyes and told him, you touch her and your own mother won’t be able to recognize you. In retrospect I realize this was not the way to go about this, but a certain respect for women should be had and I couldnt understand why this kid didnt have it. So fast forward to the night my friend was crying in my arms, I felt calm yet engraged if that makes sense.  One thing about anyone should know is that I’m family oriented. So when I accept someone as family , I’ll fight for them regardless of the cost I have to pay. What sickened me more was that the guy who had hurt her had a roommate who stood idly by. This roommate even taunted her as she was hauled off by law enforcement. For legal reasons not all the details will be given in the following parts of this story. Basically, the guy who assaulted my friend and his roommate who tried to defend him got reeducated. After the fight finished, I returned to my nearby parked car. I took out a bag of ice and a big bottle of advil. I went back to the guy, cuz I have a conscience, and gave them both. I told them what they did was wrong and that what I did was wrong. But we both got our punches in and understood each other. I told him this girl loves him for some reason, he shouldn’t take that for granted. Now they are doing well and living together. They got the help they needed to fix their relationship. Not like me and him will ever hang out, but he understands why I did what I did.

I’m not advocating taking my approach, but I feel that everyone on this earth should feel reverence towards women. We as human beings are given life by a woman, science hasn’t gotten good enough to do it some other way.

We live in a society that is constantly changing to some degree. People are always faced with questions of how to understand evolving law and cultural norms. Historically I believe we could all agree that violence first came from a lack of understanding between one or more parties.

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  1. anapuri11 says:

    I think this post is very interesting. You wrote with a sense of vulnerability. I find it interesting that you are very obviously against violence against women, but that did not stop you from your violence against the perpetrator. I do not mean for that to seem as though I feel that your defense of women is not admirable. Thank you for sharing something that is so personal to you, it helps others fully understand the outreaching emotional effects that domestic violence has on others.

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