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Anti-Federalism on the Range

For 20 years, Cliven Bundy was in violation of federal law and regulations for grazing his cattle on federal land. The Bureau of Land Management fined him one million dollars for unpaid fees for his refusal to abide by the … Continue reading

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Federalist and Anti-Federalist Debate Rings True to this Day

The federalists and the anti-federalists debated what form of democracy should be formed over the newly founded United States of America. Should the country have an overarching government, or should the states maintain the power to govern themselves? This debate … Continue reading

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The Missing Link?

There are few characteristics of the college experience that fascinate me more than the unintentional intersect between classroom topics. I have experienced this relationship before, and it allows for the examination of a singular idea at multiple levels, which in turn … Continue reading

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The Case of the Speluncean Explorers

The most difficult part about this case is the facts that were not presented in the story. How was Mr. Whetmore murdered? On what day did the crime take place? Did any of the defendants become ill from eating human … Continue reading

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Scalia’s Sassiness and Sarcasm: Hilarious or Inappropriate?

Antonin Scalia is undoubtedly the most charismatic and infamous justice on the Supreme Court today. He is outlandish, abrasive, but still at times very succinct with his views of statutory interpretation. He’s the kind of character that you wouldn’t expect to … Continue reading

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Comparing Cannibalism and War Crimes: A New Take on “The Case of the Speluncean Explorers”

In Law and the Political Order last Monday, it was suggested that Lon L. Fuller’s fictional “Case of the Speluncean Explorers” could be rewritten to apply to defense operations in America today. The more I considered it, the more I … Continue reading

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Which justice do you agree with?

The case of the Speluncean Explorers is one that has captivated readers for decades. In it, a group of cave explorers are trapped following a cave-in and face the risk of death from starvation. The case examines how the rescued … Continue reading

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