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In class on Thursday, we discussed Jim Morone’s The Democratic Wish, and we discussed if this age old, 25 year old book, was too disconnected from today’s society. When it came to, it was undoubtedly yes due to the effect … Continue reading

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Arguments for Big Government

In The Democratic Wish, James Morone argues government should not only be big, but strong as well. Yet, according to Morone, the government has been restrained from being strong by the American people. As he puts it, “The urge to protect … Continue reading

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To be or not to be …(loyal to text and principle)

That which I am about to talk about is something that is very flexible. It means freedom, restriction, communication, ideas and expresses this and more. It can open doors and destroy relationships. Its excess can either be a meticulous maze … Continue reading

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In Defense of Scalia: A Heartless Person with a Point

I do not usually consider the arguments that would insist that a child face her abuser in court. Where I come from we call people who make such arguments (pardon my French), “assholes.” However, in his cold, calculating, yet inappropriately … Continue reading

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In Justices We Trust

In our class discussion last week we lightly discussed the significance of the Supreme Court, the necessity for the court, and whether we need more than one justice. Although, the Supreme Court is mentioned in Article III of the Constitution … Continue reading

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The Notorious R.B.G.

In class this week we discussed Justice Scalia’s history and background on the Supreme Court, and we briefly mentioned the oldest member of the current Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We widely agreed that Scalia is quite the character … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court – sometimes it is fun and games

In our previous class, we discussed different frameworks judges can use to approach court cases.  Is the Letter of the law to be followed closely or are we allowed to consider context and meaning?  We have also been introduced to … Continue reading

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Anti-Federalism on the Range

For 20 years, Cliven Bundy was in violation of federal law and regulations for grazing his cattle on federal land. The Bureau of Land Management fined him one million dollars for unpaid fees for his refusal to abide by the … Continue reading

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Federalist and Anti-Federalist Debate Rings True to this Day

The federalists and the anti-federalists debated what form of democracy should be formed over the newly founded United States of America. Should the country have an overarching government, or should the states maintain the power to govern themselves? This debate … Continue reading

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The Missing Link?

There are few characteristics of the college experience that fascinate me more than the unintentional intersect between classroom topics. I have experienced this relationship before, and it allows for the examination of a singular idea at multiple levels, which in turn … Continue reading

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