Scalia Dares You To Come at Him, Bro

We’ve all been reading a lot of crushingly pessimistic stuff this semester. When it comes to solutions, we’ve framed the path to realizing them in two ways: (1) through the legal system (2) through democratic action.

But there is a third way. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia broached it last week at a Q&A session at Brooklyn Law School:

When another student asked, referring to Mr. Scalia’s originalism, “Why should society be bound by laws that were passed only by white male property owners,” he hesitated for a few seconds, longer than he had all evening. “That’s a reasonable position,” he smiled. “You people wanna make a revolt? Do it!”


(Photo by Stephen Masker via Wikimedia Commons)

The way things are going, people might accept his challenge.

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4 Responses to Scalia Dares You To Come at Him, Bro

  1. amkavana says:

    I love this. So often we see people in the legal system, or the political system, become these weird representatives of policy and legality without seeming like real people. For as sarcastic and abrasive as Scalia is, he still seems real, like an actual person that does actual things outside of the limelight of being a Supreme Court Justice. Its refreshing.

  2. Wow interesting post! But some what a reality check in my point of view. As Scalia say ” we still follow laws that white land owners wrote ” shows that us as a country has evolved and so should our laws. He as a normal person compared to others that seems to just be weird and non social, can be up front on certain things and can view things like we do about laws.

  3. A lot of the SCOTUS justices appear at functions, especially at colleges. Justice Ginsburg and former Justice O’Connor are visiting ASU soon, for example.

    Justice Clarence Thomas is an interesting guy too. When the SCOTUS is in recess, he and his wife travel around the country in an RV, staying in Walmart parking lots and just talk to normal people.

  4. I gotta say though, his rather flippant remark seems extremely arrogant considering the times. What Cliven Bundy and his supporters in Nevada have done is getting pretty damn close to “revolt.”

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