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Child Custody Rights for Rapists?!?!

60 percent of sexual assault cases will never be reported to the police, and only eight out of a hundred people who are reported get prosecuted. About 3 percent of rapists will serve any time in jail. But these are extremely … Continue reading

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This article below is absolutely shocking. Egyptian Criminal Court tries over 500 people, in 2 days! As Marie Harf, spokeswoman of the state department states “It defies logic that over 529 defendants could be tried in a two-day period in accordance … Continue reading

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Will idealism provide for a vigorous defense here? The one thing I noted in our last discussion of plea bargaining was the oft repeated example of Gideon and the wrongfully convicted. What significant point was missing? It was guilt. The … Continue reading

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Plea Bargains: Replacing Effective Prosecution with Intimidation

I recently watched the HBO Documentary “Gideon’s Army” which featured the professional and personal struggles of three lawyers working for the public defender’s office. This entry focuses on Travis: a man one year into the public defense profession, who viewed … Continue reading

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To Smoke or Not To Smoke…That is the Question?

  Marijuana is extremely prevalent in today’s American society. Whether it is the media doing a story on the pros and cons on marijuana, to it being used on a more individualized/recreational basis, marijuana has made its mark on modern … Continue reading

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Country to Country Drug Deals

Update to a comment I made about a month ago. As the Uruguay legalization has been coming to a deadline (for the regulations/control), I feel as if even more controversial issues are beginning to arise. Uruguay clearly wouldn’t have the … Continue reading

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Poverty in Phoenix

Homelessness is a huge problem in this country, yet most people pass at least a few homeless people on the street everyday without hardly even noticing them. The film “Poverty in Chicago” included multiple interviews with the homeless in an … Continue reading

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