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Child Custody Rights for Rapists?!?!

60 percent of sexual assault cases will never be reported to the police, and only eight out of a hundred people who are reported get prosecuted. About 3 percent of rapists will serve any time in jail. But these are extremely … Continue reading

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This article below is absolutely shocking. Egyptian Criminal Court tries over 500 people, in 2 days! As Marie Harf, spokeswoman of the state department states “It defies logic that over 529 defendants could be tried in a two-day period in accordance … Continue reading

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Will idealism provide for a vigorous defense here? The one thing I noted in our last discussion of plea bargaining was the oft repeated example of Gideon and the wrongfully convicted. What significant point was missing? It was guilt. The … Continue reading

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Plea Bargains: Replacing Effective Prosecution with Intimidation

I recently watched the HBO Documentary “Gideon’s Army” which featured the professional and personal struggles of three lawyers working for the public defender’s office. This entry focuses on Travis: a man one year into the public defense profession, who viewed … Continue reading

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To Smoke or Not To Smoke…That is the Question?

  Marijuana is extremely prevalent in today’s American society. Whether it is the media doing a story on the pros and cons on marijuana, to it being used on a more individualized/recreational basis, marijuana has made its mark on modern … Continue reading

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Country to Country Drug Deals

Update to a comment I made about a month ago. As the Uruguay legalization has been coming to a deadline (for the regulations/control), I feel as if even more controversial issues are beginning to arise. Uruguay clearly wouldn’t have the … Continue reading

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Poverty in Phoenix

Homelessness is a huge problem in this country, yet most people pass at least a few homeless people on the street everyday without hardly even noticing them. The film “Poverty in Chicago” included multiple interviews with the homeless in an … Continue reading

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Learn from your Mistakes

When referring to federal law, we often consider the individuals involved in the justice system to be impeccable with their judgments, or otherwise fundamentally incapable of making extreme mistakes and misinterpretations. This naïve mindset could be generated in part by … Continue reading

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The right to search whenever Anyone can consent, and they will search. Is this right? It “gives authorities more leeway to search homes without obtaining a warrant, even when there is no emergency” according to David Savage. This is definitely a case that I … Continue reading

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Modern Day Slavery

Recently in class we have been discussing Judith Shklar and who we believe she would include as a “citizen” of our country. This got me thinking about whether or not she would consider a group of young men and women, … Continue reading

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