If it works in California, why not elsewhere?

It became necessary elsewhere in the world and it may well become necessary in the United States. With the increasing polarization of political opinions in the U.S., the disconnect and dissonance in governance, and the growing social discord; the dissolution of the United States could happen as well.

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2 Responses to If it works in California, why not elsewhere?

  1. pjshield says:

    I really don’t see how this could ever happen. The only reason people think of ideas like this is because of how liberal California is. Consistently California votes for a democratic president and advocates for liberal policies and the few conservatives in California feel they don’t have a voice. If they allow this to happen, certain states will vote conservative while others vote liberal completely changing the electoral college system. This could lead to other states splitting in half just because the minority wants a voice too. But isn’t that what our government is all about, the majority needs to rule. I would just hate to see a great state as California split into 6 states rather than keep its identity.

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