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Peeking inside the Court.

A political advocacy group called 99 Rise, who supports tougher campaign finance laws, infiltrated a hidden video camera into the Supreme Court’s deliberations on a potential reversal of the 2010 Citizens United ruling. Click on the below link for the … Continue reading

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The oligarchs continue on.

The long-tenured member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Michigan, John Dingell Jr., has announced his retirement from the House after 29 consecutive terms in office. Mr. Dingell’s occupancy of the metropolitan House seat [from 1955 … Continue reading

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Who Believes in Affluenza?

Now when someone hears the word “Affluenza” their first reaction may be “what is that?” or for ones that do know what it is they may just shake their head and have no comment. Well I would have to be … Continue reading

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Do Justices avoid accountability?

It wasn’t so much the article that caught me off guard but the actual sentence in which they stated “Justices have turned aside every potential sequel, essentially leaving it to lower courts to continue to sort out variations on the … Continue reading

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Free Exercise Clause is No Defense Say Courts (but some descrimination should be allowed, maybe?)

Since both the New Mexico wedding photographer and the Colorado wedding cake cases said to be the impetus behind SB 1062 have both been decided in court, perhaps the decisions might prove instructive to our discussions. The decisions for Craig … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Dred Scott and Abraham Lincoln

  Dred Scott was an African American slave who sued for his freedom in 1846. His master was an U.S. Army Officer who took Scott in between free and nonfree states. Of course this happened before the Civil War where … Continue reading

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Righteously Wrong, Religious Right.

Bill Viewed as Anti-Gay Is Passed in Arizona              This New York Times article addresses the bill that was passed in the Arizona Legislation last Thursday.  The bill, which passed the Arizona Legislature 33 to 27, “allows business owners asserting … Continue reading

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