Still Here and Ready to Fight

Because this Tea Party issue isn’t going away any time soon, and the midterm elections are starting with congressman and senators already deciding if they want to run for reelection, the tea party has found this opportunity to announce that they will also have candidates running for office. As NBC’s First Read has reported, “there are at least half a dozen Senate GOP primaries next year essentially pitting the Republican establishment against the Tea Party:

— Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell vs. Matt Bevin in Kentucky;

— Sen. Lindsey Graham vs. a crowded field in South Carolina;

— Sen. Pat Roberts vs. Milton Wolf in Kansas;

— Sen. Lamar Alexander vs. Joe Carr in Tennessee;

— Sen. Mike Enzi vs. Liz Cheney in Wyoming;

— and the crowded field in Georgia vying to replace retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.”

So what happens if the tea party wins some of these elections? Some are projecting a freer market and a decrease in debt. The Tea Party claims it’s been nice having these senators in office, and they have done some great things, but they’ve also done some really bad things like raising the debt limit to trillions of dollars. The Tea Party’s argument is that it is time for these representatives to step down. The longevity of these Senator’s terms is now hurting the nation more than helping.  But the problem is that these tea party representatives are not winning over the democratic votes.

The Tea Party is using these primary elections as a test of strength to see how much power and support they have behind their beliefs (You can go on their website and view their NONNEGOTIABLE beliefs).

When looking at the Tea Party’s website, their “About Us” section states, “We believe the responsibility of our beloved nation is etched upon the hearts of true American Patriots from every race, religion, national origin, and walk of life sharing a common belief in the values which made and keep our beloved nation great.” Yet, when looking at their beliefs, they only appeal to Judeo-Christian Values, which means those who believe in same-sex marriage, those who are undocumented, those who practice different religions are not represented and aren’t considered “true American patriots” because they do not believe the same things. This to me doesn’t represent what this nation was founded on. If anything, these people who come from all walks of life should be accepted and tolerated, and not forced to succumb to the pressure of living a life under a government that isn’t representative and is intolerant of their values or lifestyle. The beliefs of a select elite few are not and should not represent the many. The Tea Party’s beliefs and ideas for policy can seem more textualist like Justice Scalia in the sense that they want to cut spending, cut taxes, and decrease the debt. But their beliefs are more Levinson with the focus on religious sentiment as a way to interpret the constitution and the way that we as a nation should live our lives according to this interpretation. So the question becomes, if we as a people are willing to let our house of representatives be run by the Tea Party. Or maybe they just wont run it at all, maybe they’ll just keep it shut down, since that worked out so well the last time.

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  1. beyers2013 says:

    The sad component behind the Tea Party’s rhetoric is that millions of voters will enable the election of their “choice” candidates and unfortunately, the Republican Party does not possess the strength to reign in the members who have obviously hi-jacked their party. The lack of control became crystal clear this past October when our government was shut down because of their intrusive, uncooperative, and uncompromising “negotiation” style. What is even worse for those of us, who have long memories, is watching formerly-respected legislators like Lindsey Graham give interviews that seem as if he is groveling for morsels of respect from this microcosmic group of bullies. Nevertheless, I absolutely agree in the belief that the Founding Fathers did not intend for our government to be held hostage by groups such as these. While I firmly believe in our First Amendment and the privilege we exercise through freedom of speech, the sheer vitriol espoused from many of their representatives and members have consistently proven to be counterproductive to the foundation and respect which should be afforded to the legislative process. Unfortunately, until the Republican leadership actually develops a backbone and rids this form of parasitic disease from their ranks, we, the American voter, will have to tolerate the hubris vomited forth from this group.

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