I was on Facebook the other day and I came across this picture that shows a pie chart of the causes of rape. And I have to agree 100%. This is more of an opinion blog but I got to thinking of the discussion we’ve had in class about what we should be teaching women and how they are victim and slut shamed for something that they had no control over. But one of my other teachers brought up an interesting point, as we talked about rape in another class. He asked us women in the class how we walk to our car by ourselves late at night. Some of the responses were “Run”, “walk with someone”, and “call a safety escort” but the general sentiment seemed to be fear. He then asked the men if they were fearful to walk to their car, if they called a safety escort, they laughed at the idea. He told the class, men are more likely to be victims and perpetrators of violence, so who should really be afraid to walk to their cars at night? Then he told us, we’ve also conditioned women to believe that she wont be safe unless she calls for the safety of a man to be her safety escort therefore a woman sees a man as her hero and is taught to be dependent on men. This is an interesting twist that plays into feminism and ideologies of domination and oppression. Which in my opinion when we tell women and teach them not to do certain things, wear certain clothes, be in this place at that time, we teach them that if they do these things they will be subject to a mans abuse. But we also teach men something, which my teacher pointed out, he said men should be insulted that people say these things to women, because what it says about men is that they are such animals that they cannot control their desires and actions and that is insulting. But even though we definitely should not be blaming women for getting raped, it is important to be smart and aware of the reality that it can happen to anyone, fishnet stockings on or not and that it is an issue worth being knowledgeable about. I personally am glad that I had parents teach me to be safe and smart and there are resources like safety escorts available at ASU, which is run by students, so you’re not going to get some creepy old cab driver. It’s a touchy subject. In some sense a woman should be smart and not put herself in dangerous positions. Rape is never justifiable. And men should feel insulted that the sentiment is that they are not strong enough human beings to control themselves.

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  1. anapuri11 says:

    The way that the American judicial system runs, it’s rather hard to not do some serious victim shaming when the defendant is not the one who was raped, but the one who most likely did the raping. This puts the victim on trial, and the blame falls on this person, even though the fault is not theirs at all. I really think because of the misogynistic history that America has, putting the victim on trial in the judicial system leaks into society, adding fuel to the fire.

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