Arizona’s Children Deserve Better

Today I was watching “Politics Unplugged” and heard an update on the 6,000 cases of child abuse that have gone uninvestigated since 2009. One of the first things that Governor Brewer did when she was voted Governor was cut funding for Child Protective Services (CPS). Brewer is quoted as saying “That there must be accountability for this inexcusable failure at CPS, but she intends to DPS conduct its independent review before any conclusions are made. Everybody’s first priority must be to ensure that each case is investigated and that every child’s safety is assured.” 

On December 30, 2011 Arizona Central reported a story “Arizona CPS changes recommended by task force.” This task force was a result of a 6 year old boy who was killed and whose parents were investigated 5 times in four years prior to their son’s death according to the article. It seems that all there has been is lip service. Had Governor Brewer really had an effective task force in 2011, I suspect they would have found some of the cases  to that point. The fact is, the only explanation is a blatant disregard for human life.

Not long ago the “The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff” Arpaio’s office failed to investigate over 400 sex crimes and the majority of the victims were children. These are our elected officials. Yes they are both Republicans who have built a name for themselves on SB-1070 and trying to enforce federal laws as opposed to taking care of the needs of their state. Yes, tough sheriff and a scorpion eating governor. They brag about being “self made” and love the lime light. Problem with “self made” people is that most of them like these 2 worship their creator.

It seems that perhaps if these two paid more attention to doing their job instead of gallivanting the media the mess would not be so big. What is terrifying is that out of the 6,000 child abuse cases there were ten that required “immediate response,” that means that child remained in the care of their abuser for at least a year. What is broken about this is that even if the children go to foster care, there is no guarantee the abuse will stop. These are not someone elses kids, they are our children and they deserve better.


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3 Responses to Arizona’s Children Deserve Better

  1. mfmyers says:

    I just saw an article about this the other day, turns out that’s almost two full months of backlogged cases! It seems difficult to find any information on how things are being “prioritized” though. One article had a CPS worker saying that cases without any evidence of immediate criminal harm were being marked as not investigated.

    Wouldn’t the bulk of CPS cases fall under this category? I can’t imagine they’re getting photographic or video evidence along with the majority of the reports, it sounds like the reporting mechanism is not being used at all…


  2. yesdelrinc says:

    What still gets me is that the facts and the statistics clearly point that these two characters are ineffective “leaders” and they STILL get voted into office. Do the Republicans that vote for these two turn their face the other way and ignore the irresponsible characteristics of these leaders or do they simply not about the welfare of these special groups?

  3. dlopezra says:

    It is devastating to read such things about these children and the horrify outcomes of their cases. It is not acceptable that 6,000 cases of abuse even occur; there duty is to prevent this, not ignore it and turn the other way. It is obvious that both Brewer and Arpaio are unfit and it’s hard to believe that they get reelected year after year. I agree with you Ernesto, these children deserve better, not this inconsiderate state leadership.

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