United States to Tea Party: Move On

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that addresses immigration and the general majority support that is receiving from democrats, liberals, independents, and surprisingly plenty of republicans. In the opinion piece, “William Galston: An Immigration Challenge for Boehner”, lays out the general support demonstrated by many organizations. The most prominent supporter have been majority of the American people who are pro- immigration reform, explicitly supporting  the blueprint; earned citizenship for the 11 millions of immigrants now here illegally.

Majority of the house supports the immigrant reform, so who is stopping the reform from happening? The TEA PARTY!!!

As I endeavored to become more “informed” about their stance on immigration, it also became very clear that the Tea Party is very firm on their immigration views. Their stance can be summed up, in one sentence posted on the TeaParty.org which declares, “Obama will do everything he can to invite the world into American so they can tear our heritage from the hands of good hearted citizens”. Oh the agony…

Another factor that contributes to the Tea Party idealism is that the children who have been born from illegal immigrants “anchor babies”; they should lose the natural born citizenship because of their illegal parental inheritance. “These millions upon millions of anchor babies have been falsely given citizenship as the result of a twisted interpretation of the 14th amendment”. As strong originalist and distinctively textualist, they sure don’t accept the reality of what the 14th amendment truly is.

We get it, the Tea Party is so gung-ho about keeping America pure as Apple Pie; but to my understanding, they are not able to fully comprehend the reality that there must be something done in order to address this. Immigration reform must be addressed, and rolled out in the most thought out and comprehensive manner, in order to stop discrimination, inequalities, and progress from this stasis.

The article explicitly classifies the tea party as individuals who are anti-immigration reform and oppose illegal immigrants from obtaining the opportunity to earn citizenship. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the Tea Party Patriots organization threatened to mount a primary challenge against any Republican who votes for comprehensive immigration reform”. To my knowledge, the Tea Party carries itself in the most vicious manner known throughout the political scheme. Threatening to challenge Republican individuals is absolutely ridiculous to conduct in such a manner. To patronize themselves as a “beacon to the masses” is falsifying their true motto covered in lies as they conduct hounding behavior in order to achieve their Apple pie idealism.

The fundamentals about the immigration reform are building a path for a better form of citizenship that will facilitate those who are currently undocumented to pursue academics, suitable job positions, and basic liberties.

To ease discrimination among society, as the majority of the minority; diverse ethnicities will greatly impact the future of America, therefore it is vital that we address immigration in the most logical way and prevent those (tea party) who are unwillingly to progress into a more diverse society. Executing a well-rounded reform will benefit the United States in the most lucrative way in years to come.




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  1. mfmyers says:

    There’s always a discharge petition. If some amalgam of the numbers are to be believed (~ 200 D, ~28 R in favor), it shouldn’t be impossible. If 218 can’t be hit under such a circumstance, it seems strange to suggest the Republican’s support would be dependable in a traditional vote.

    On the other hand, forcing the House to a vote would probably lead to a media extravaganza about S. 744 violating Origination Clause (whether it actually does or not), which could probably yank away Republican support and sink the house bill on controversy alone. I don’t really see it ending neatly if Boehner put it to a vote, I guess that’s what I’m getting at.

    In the long run it’s probably more fruitful for the Democrats if the bill doesn’t hit the floor. Inability to pass immigration reform (e.g. “they wouldn’t let us vote on it”) would probably be a useful focal point for the 2014 midterms, whereas “we got it to the floor but couldn’t pass it” doesn’t carry the same weight. After all, the more musical chairs, the easier bargaining becomes.

  2. valenciaaz says:

    It is interesting, something that is so needed in our government and society right now can be averted because of threats and intimidation. I have never approved of the “Tea Party” Their ideologies are misguided and their methods detrimental to the successful political process being exhausted in the United States.

    They claim to be patriots, but, I sincerely have not seen the conduct of a patriot from this crew. Interestingly, I am writing a piece for the coming week that addresses the hypocrisy of the Tea Party and “other” citizens who oppose Immigration Reform. The tensions between “Mexicans” and Anglo-Americans trace back to even pre-Guadelupe Hidalgo. In Juan Parea’s “A Brief History of Race and the U.S. Mexican Border: Tracing the Trajectories of Conquest (51 UCLA L. Rev. 283 2003-2004),” he states:

    “The racism of white Americans created the rationale to justify the seizure of the lands from allegedly inferior Mexicans. Mexicans were perceived by white Americans as a mixed-race, mongrel people distinctly inferior to the presumed racially pure whites.” According to historian David Weber, “American visitors to the Mexican frontier were nearly unanimous in commenting on the dark skin of Mexican mestizos, who, it was generally agreed, had inherited the worst qualities of Spaniards and Indians to produce a ‘race’ still more despicable than that of either parent.”Rufus Sage, a newspaperman and Rocky Mountain trapper, described Mexicans with typical disparagement:

    There are no people on the continent of America, whether civilized or uncivilized, with one or two exceptions, more miserable in condition or despicable in morals than the mongrel race inhabiting
    New Mexico ….

    … To manage them successfully, they must needs be held in continual restraint, and kept in their place by force, if necessary,-else they will become haughty and insolent. As servants, they are excellent, when properly trained, but are worse than useless if left to themselves.

    Perceived as some incomprehensible mixture of Black, Indian, and Spanish races, Mexicans, by their very existence, violated white American taboos against racial mixing. The presumed racial inferiority of Mexican people fed the ideology of Manifest Destiny, which asserted that it was the destiny of white Anglo-Saxons to occupy the entire continent without regard for the presence of presumed inferior races (Perea 291-292)”

    One of the goals of the U.S. government back then was to disenfranchise the Mexican people who were here prior to the conquest of Mexico from voting, obtain labor for a low wage, and violated numerous human rights standards. When we fast forward to SB 1070, Anchor babies, and the mass incarceration of minorities in the southwest, all are directly or indirectly aimed at disenfranchising a race from voting. It is racism. It was then and is now, so I get kind of figidy talk about the good ol days and returning to them.

    Unfortunately, they are not going away anytime soon…..

  3. anapuri11 says:

    I find it completely ironic that this group of originalists is going directly against what James Madison warned against in Federalist No. 10. As one of the founders, the fact that he completely warns against factions is quite evident. These members of the Tea Party are bringing the factions into congress, pinning parties against each other, halting all hope for progress of any kind. Stricter immigration laws won’t be accomplished when things in Congress are so polarized or vice versa. The best way for Congress to work effectively is to…dare I say it… compromise.

  4. yesdelrinc says:

    “To ease discrimination among society, as the majority of the minority; diverse ethnicities will greatly impact the future of America, therefore it is vital that we address immigration in the most logical way and prevent those (tea party) who are unwillingly to progress into a more diverse society.”

    I agree with this above statement. I think when the media or political outlets speak about immigration it is important for us to also critically examine the reasons why there is a hault to change. What are the systematic issues? Who is not allowing change or solidarity to flourish?

  5. bewalke3 says:

    I completely agree. The tea party takes America back years in progression in an effort to impose their elitist and their textualism views on the American people. They only hurt our country. Nothing in their views progress the betterment of the American citizens.

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