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Bio politics, Necropolitics, State of Exception “Who lives, Who dies?”

It doesn’t take a PhD in Political Science to understand that various political underpinnings evolved from the history of Nazi Germany in World War II. The most easily recognizable of political theories is totalitarianism. The others can range from bio … Continue reading

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The Progression of Gay Marriage

  Richard John “Jack” Baker and James Michael McConnell applying for a marriage license in Minneapolis. Source:, Oct. 25, 2012 The Progress of Gay Marriage Last week, a gay couple I am friends with announced to me that they … Continue reading

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Fiscally Irresponsible

In light of the government shutdown ending, I thought it would be interesting to see the breakdown in what it cost, who is at fault, and what was accomplished. The short version? $24 Billion, Tea Party, and NOTHING! Time Magazine … Continue reading

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Civil Rights and Human Rights

When reflecting on the difference between Human Rights and Civil rights it can be resolved that in order to be entitled to civil rights, one has to first be recognized as human. When you look through the lens of world … Continue reading

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